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Sears Kenmore Hepa Purify Replacement 86889 20-86889 EF-1

Sears Kenmore Hepa Purify Replacement 86889 20-86889 EF-1

Price: $5.90
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  • Progressive Kenmore Style 86889
  • filter measures; 5 7/8 x 4 . if you need smaller, check item B0007INDN6
  • by envirocare part #976
Product description
HEPA Media filter #86889 2072-M replacement filter 86889 Progressive Media filter Filter Replacement type Fits Models: all upright or canister Kenmore Progressive and other models using filter# 20 86889. Progressive Kenmore Style 86889 HEPA filter fits certain Sears Kenmore upright and canister vacuums. Generic 1 pack. The filter measures 6 by 4 by 1/2 inches and is equivalent to Sears part number 20-86889.also fits Kenmore model progressive 116.23613300 envirocare part #976

(2) Kenmore Sears Continuous Foam Filter CF1, Progressive & Whispertone, Panasonic Vacuum Cleaners, 86883, 86880, 20-86883, 208

(2) Kenmore Sears Continuous Foam Filter CF1, Progressive & Whispertone, Panasonic Vacuum Cleaners, 86883, 86880, 20-86883, 208

Price: $5.26
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  • Fits: Kenmore Progressive & Whispertone, Panasonic Vacuum Cleaners
  • Dimensions: Approximately 5" X 5" X 1/4"
  • (2) Kenmore Sears Progressive Foam Filters CF1
Product description
(2) Kenmore Sears Progressive Foam Filter CF1, Progressive & Whispertone, Panasonic Vacuum Cleaners, 86883, 86880, 20-86883, 208

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Kenmore & Panasonic DCF 1 and DCF 2 Bagless Vertically HEPA Filter UPC 836301002593

This separate made by EnviroCare for the Kenmore and Panasonic bagless upright vacuum cleaner works for many different series! It also comes with an additional...

Questions of Customers

Jeremiah Zebulun Izaak Elijah Jeremiah Zebulun Izaak Elijah says:
Which does a well-advised job of cleaning carpets? A central vac or a canister with a power nozzle.?
I just point of departure this off experience since I had good experiences with canister vacuum cleaners with power nozzle. Example Hoover, Kenmore, and Filter Queen. I didn't own prime vac yet. So I am wondering which is better for me? Central Vac or a...
Full says:
Middle vac, easier to use, so you use it more often.
djbod2006 djbod2006 says:
does anybody be aware of a vacuum cleaner that actually works?
All I'm looking for is a vacuum cleaner that does what it's supposititious to do--suck up dirt. Is there one brand better than the others? What about this dyson brand that's way expensive? is it worth the price?
blessed&lovingit says:
I have had numerous many vacuum's over the years. I have had....Kenmore, Hoover, Oreck, Rubbermaid, Eureka, Dirt Devil, Regina, etc., etc., etc......But, the most latest purchase (March 07) a Dyson...

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