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Hoover UH70400 WindTunnel Air Bagless Erect Corded Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover UH70400 WindTunnel Air Bagless Erect Corded Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner

List price: $199.99
Price: $81.74
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  • 12 Pounds- lightweight maneuverability lets you clean and carry upstairs and downstairs with ease
  • Exclusive Wind Tunnel technology lifts and removes surface debris and deep down embedded dirt
  • Quick Fit Hose releases the handle in one touch so you can easily attach the hose for above-floor cleaning
Product description

VonHaus 600W 2-in-1 Corded Straight up and down Stick & Handheld Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA Filtration - Includes Crevice Tool & Brush Accessories

VonHaus 600W 2-in-1 Corded Straight up and down Stick & Handheld Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA Filtration - Includes Crevice Tool & Brush Accessories

Price: $79.99
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  • 1.2-Liter Dust Capacity - Easy to remove dust container, simply detach and empty the contents straight into the bin
  • 19.5ft power cord, crevice tool, small brush attachment for handheld, hose adaptor, shoulder strap
  • 600W Stick Vacuum Cleaner with 130 Air Watts of Suction Power. Can be used at full length or without the extension tube for handheld cleaning
Product description
The VonHaus Stick Vacuum Cleaner is capable of performing as a traditional long vacuum cleaner using the supplied extension tube or as a handheld vacuum, allowing a lightweight option for cleaning furniture and drapes. The large 1.2L dust capacity means the container will need to be emptied less frequently than other smaller models. The HEPA and sponge filtration system can lock in small particles that other vacuums would simply re-circulate back into the air of your home; this prevents the spread of allergies and bacteria. Crevice tools are provided to get into the hard to reach areas of your home. Key Features: - 600 Watts - 130 Air Watts - HEPA Filtration - 1.2Liter Capacity - Crevice Tool Attachment - Small Brush Attachment for Handheld - Hose Adaptor - Shoulder Strap - Extension Tube - Quick Release Power Cable - 19.5ft Power Cord

Turbo Carpet and Rug Brush Head Now Available
Search 'VonHaus Turbo Brush', or see offer on this listing for 5% discount.

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Questions of Customers

Rina Rina says:
Can anyone guide a good, lightweight vacuum cleaner with good suction power and fairly priced?
I've gone Sometimes non-standard due to three vacuum cleaners in a two years and have spent thousands. Additionally, one vacuum cleaner was so heavy, it caused me back pain.
reynwater says:
Walmart, bissell, $45
Johnny Ma Johnny Ma says:
any just budget vacuum cleaner advice?
I'm looking for a kind small, lightweight stand up vacuum cleaner. I'm not sure if I want bagless or not- it sounds like a bunch of hype to me... besides- bags are a lot cheaper than replacing those refine things. Budget wise, I want to stay in...
M M T says:
I have two Bissells (one upstairs and one down) that both employment well. The upstairs one is the real cheap one and it uses bags. Works well but the hose is not very long which makes it burdensome to...

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