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Kirby Enter in#204808 / 204811 - Genuine Kirby Style F HEPA Filtration Vacuum Bags for Sentria Models - 6/Package, Sentria®, for units built on 2009 and later

Price: $15.00
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  • Electrostatically Charged Material Traps Sub-Micron Particles
  • Sentria®, for units built on 2009 and later.
  • Certified to Meet H11 Filtration Standard per EN1822
Product description
6 Brand New, Kirby Style F Bags sold new in package. These are the highest quality vacuum cleaner bags that can be used in the Kirby Sentria. They filter 99.97% of all common household dust, pollen, mites and other particles. Sentria®, for units built on 2009 and later.

5 Belts fits Kirby Pole Vacuum Cleaner Sentria I II Generation 3 4 5 6 Belt

5 Belts fits Kirby Pole Vacuum Cleaner Sentria I II Generation 3 4 5 6 Belt

Price: $8.60
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  • Manufacturer: Highest Quality Generic Belt, Yellow Stripe
  • Quantity: 5 (Five) Belts
  • Product: 5 Belts for Kirby Upright Vacuums
Product description
Product: 5 Belts for Kirby Upright Vacuums Quantity: 5 (Five) Belts Condition: Brand New Manufacturer: Highest Quality Generic Belt, Yellow Stripe Details: Will fit all Kirby Upright Vacuums including: Heritage (all) Classic (all) Tradition (all) Legend (all) Generation 3, 4, 5, 6 Ultimate (G7) Diamond (G7D) Sentria (G10) Sentria II

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Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Brushrollers: Choosing The Revenge Kirby Roller Are you looking for Pukka Kirby parts to fit your vacuum cleaner? Here is a look at the different Kirby brush ro...

Questions of Customers

David B David B says:
Are Kirby vacuum cleaners advantage the price? What do you think about Kirby vacuums?
I had not in a million years heard of Kirby until the other night when a couple of Kirby salesman came to my door asking if I wanted to have my carpets cleaned for free. I won't go into the details about Kirby's sales techniques... which I do decide unappealing......
Backwoods Barbie says:
I recollect they are expensive but I've had mine for 15yrs and have had no problems with it. This should tell you that they are good vacuums....=)
Infobank Infobank says:
Do Kirby vacuum cleaners deep down live up to the hype?
Have any of you had a newer Kirby vacuum cleaner (the one the representatives say cleans all the way to the unconcealed floor) and could you compare it's performance to other "store" brands? I'm not really interested in value (I know they are terribly...
judy_derr38565 says:
They are a cloth vacuum cleaner, but if a sales person does the test with the white filter and runs it over your carpet to show how much more the Kirby will pick up, you could put a white filter on...

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