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Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS 8 Clear Commercial Upright Vacuum, Blue

Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS 8 Clear Commercial Upright Vacuum, Blue

List price: $153.12
Price: $116.49
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  • Helping Hand handle has received Ease-of-Use Commendation from Arthritis Foundation; on/off switch is located in handgrip for convenience
  • Automatic floor adjustment enables the vacuum cleaner to move between carpets and hard surfaces without changes to manual settings
  • Upright vacuum cleaner with 12-inch-wide cleaning path is better suited for cleaning low pile carpets than typical canister vacuum cleaners and takes up less space for storage
Product description
Oreck lightweight upright, model XL2100RHS

For ORECK XL Vacuums BEST Rolling-pin (BRUSH ROLL + 6 BELTS)

For ORECK XL Vacuums BEST Rolling-pin (BRUSH ROLL + 6 BELTS)

List price: $11.66
Price: $11.49
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  • Fiberglass filled construction, metal pulley and heavy duty bearings make these Brush Rolls virtually indestructible
  • FOR: All Oreck XL vacuums (except XL21, which is wider).
  • Shipped by Priority Mail - you will get it fast!!!
Product description
Brand-New replacement Brush Roll plus 6 belts fits: All Oreck XL vacuums (except XL21, which is wider). Fiberglass filled construction, metal pulley and heavy duty bearings make these Brush Rolls virtually indestructible. Two mounting positions allow adjusting the Roll, as the bristles wear down, to double the effective lifetime of the roller.

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Questions of Customers

Banks Banks says:
I wondering what one thinks about a Oreck Vacuum?
I am in view of buying one and am wondering if there are any Oreck Vacuum Cleaner owners out there that can tell me the pros and cons (If any) on owning one? I have a kirby and cant use it anymore. Not because of it cleaning quality but because...
crispy says:
I have an Oreck, and I enjoyment it. It is light weight but a very good "sucker" and I use it on carpet and my hardwood floors. I would never have bought one, but it was a gift and now I am glad I have...
Stukish Stukish says:
Do I distress to overhaul or do maintenance on my Oreck vacuum?
Does an Oreck vacuum beggary any preventative maintenance? I just replaced the belt but I want to keep it in good running condition. It is an Oreck Commercial XL vacuum cleaner. I don't have a manual because I bought it familiar. I also have been unable...
DaMan says:
Elect use the hyperlink below to find your vacuum cleaner model and download the *.pdf file to see what type of preventative maintenance is recommended for your unit. If you still can not locate...

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Photo by pillarofblue on Flickr

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