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Bissell 1940 PowerFresh Steam Mop Brutal Floor Steam Cleaner, Blue

Bissell 1940 PowerFresh Steam Mop Brutal Floor Steam Cleaner, Blue

List price: $99.99
Price: $85.78
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  • Works 2x faster than comparable steam mops thanks to built-in easy scrubber
  • Comes with Febreze spring breeze fragrance Discs for added freshness.
  • Sanitizes with steam: Eliminates 99.9% of germs and bacteria when used as directed
Product description
BISSELL PowerFresh Steam Mop, 1940 � The BISSELL PowerFresh Steam Mop offers a deep clean with a fresh scent. This unique steam mop is designed to get deep down into the grout and crevices while leaving a fresh, clean scent while you steam mop.

This fully featured steam mop has SmartSet Steam Control letting you adjust the amount of steam needed to tackle messes. For light cleaning use the low setting, everyday messes, choose medium, and for the toughest mess select high. And when you need an extra boost to cut through the dried-on sticky spot, flip down the Easy Scrubber on the mop head. It uses bristles to quickly and easily remove those stubborn messes, getting deep down in the crevices.

The PowerFresh Steam Mop also includes Spring Breeze fragrance discs. Insert the scented disc into the pocket of the mop pad to enjoy a fresh, clean aroma while you steam mop. Simply discard the disc when you�re finished, leaving your home smelling clean.

Other features include a 23� power cord, removable water tank and 2 different mop pads; one for everyday cleaning, and one with scrubbing strips. The low-profile mop head also reaches into hard to clean edges and corners.

Excrement Devil Steam Mop 3-in-1 Versa Steam Cleaner PD20100

Excrement Devil Steam Mop 3-in-1 Versa Steam Cleaner PD20100

List price: $49.99
Price: $28.65
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  • Pivoting Edge Wedge Steam Head-Get a complete wall-to-wall clean with the convenient corner angle design
  • Swivel-Steer Mop-Easily maneuvers around corners and under furniture
  • Detachable Handheld Cleaning- Grab and go to get the power of steam at your fingertips
Product description
Cut through tough messes with the grab and go power of steam. This lightweight 2-in-1 steam mop easily maneuvers around tight spaces and into corners while gliding over your sealed hard floors.

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The freshest sponge is with a Steam Mop. Removes bacteria and uses no harsh chemicals. Put this one on your fridge.


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BISSELL Steam Mop Max Habit-forming Floor Steam Cleaner

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Questions of Customers

Artsy Fartsy Batty Artsy Fartsy Batty says:
What keyboard of exorcism can I perform on my house so that it will no longer smell like old person?
My in-laws visited for the extended weekend and no matter how hard I scrub, vacuum, dust, mop and steam still smells like peppermints and Aspercream. It's like their old personally stench has permeated the walls. I'm afraid I might need to sell...
Dirty Bird Wren says:
The all able-bodied clorox ritual! Just make sure to never combine it with the equally effective ammonia ritual The two are NOT compatible The result would slaughter the smell of old people....but may just...
Chad Chad says:
Can anyone back a good steam cleaner?
Hi, I have been bothersome to buy a steam cleaner, or steam mop. I saw the H2O X5 mop. The commercial sounds so good, but when I check the reviews from Amazon, it is just terrible. So I am wondering if anyone know a good steam cleaner which can be...
Eggroll Jenkins ™ says:
Bissell makes moderately good steam cleaners. Here is a link that directs you to a few:

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