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Monogram Inc Distressful-Duty Ultra Steam Iron

Monogram Inc Distressful-Duty Ultra Steam Iron

Price: $19.99
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  • The Soft Grip Handle and Flexible 360 Degree Swivel Cord make it easy to use. Can be gentle enough to work on delicates and silks
  • Non-stick soleplate ensures smooth gliding on all fabrics and facilitates cleaning
  • Safe and easy to use, this iron will release enough steam to smooth dry cotton and linen. Quickly rids garments of wrinkles with non-drip steam and light hypnosis
Product description
Monogram Inc® Heavy-Duty Ultra Steam iron will make you reconsider sending your clothes to the local dry cleaner. This Heavy duty steam Iron produces mighty bursts of steam that quickly transform wrinkled attire into pristine garments.

GlowMark Red Steaming Iron

GlowMark Red Steaming Iron

Price: $18.00
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  • Soft grip handle, flexible 360 degree swivel cord guard
  • Easy to use, this iron release enough steam to smooth dry cotton and linen
  • Powerful burst steam and vertical steam function, adjustable thermostat control, variable steam control
Product description
Functions include: Dry Ironing, Spray & Steam, Self-Cleaning, Burst and Vertical Steam, Adjustable Thermostat Control, Variable Steam Control, and Overheat Safety Light Indicator.

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'Pull down an Offer' lets you haggle your way to savings on Amazon -

Following in the footsteps of Priceline (“prominence your own price”) and eBay (“best offer”), it seems only natural that Amazon, too, has decided to reach out to bargain hunters by allowing customers to hyperbolize an offer on certain goods sold through the... Beginning this week, Amazon shoppers can try to negotiate a lower rate on more than 150,000 antiques and collectibles—movie, sports, music, and theater memorabilia, fine art, stamps and coins—sold by third-dinner party, or independent, merchants, says... Next year, the Make an Offer option will expand to “hundreds of thousands" of items, according to Cook. Clear the way an Offer does not apply to goods sold directly by Amazon. By adding a haggling element to its traditional fixed-assess model, Amazon broadens its appeal to a wider audience of consumers motivated not simply by low prices, but by the thrill of the pursue and scoring a deal. If you’re the type of shopper who loves, estate sales, antiquing, and flea markets, Make an Tender is right up your alley. How much can you save by haggling for antiques and collectibles. In a 2013 study, 89 percent of those who attempted to palter a lower price were successful at least once, with nearly three-quarters of respondents saving $100 or more per transaction. How to palter Items eligible for negotiation are accompanied by a box indicating the firm price—“buy at the current price”—and a second box allowing customers to commission an offer. By clicking inside the latter box, a customer can enter and submit an alternate price. The seller receives the tone down-price offer through e-mail, at which point the he or she can accept, reject or counter the offer. The seller and customer go on to negotiate back and forth via e-mail until the transaction is complete. When a seller accepts a customer’s offer, the customer is notified and can cut down to size the item into his or her shopping cart at the agreed upon new price for checkout and purchase. The new Make an Offer experience could be a game-changer for Amazon customers looking for tremendous prices on one-of-a-kind items, and for sellers looking to communicate and negotiate directly with customers in an online marketplace habitat just... “In a recent survey of our sellers, nearly half of the respondents told us that the ability to negotiate prices with customers would be outstanding to drive more sales on Amazon," says Peter Faricy, vice president of Amazon Marketplace. "Make an Proffer delivers that functionality and makes customers feel confident they are getting an item they want at the lowest price reasonable. Amazon’s announcement was accompanied by a statement from Steven Costello of Steiner Sports, a major player in the hand-signed memorabilia Stock Exchange and a supporter of the new format, who was quick to clarify that Make an Offer isn’t the same as an... “All negotiations are one-to-one and private between individual customers and sellers. A seller is capable to accept a customer’s offer at any time. The intention is to lower prices, and a customer negotiating with a seller will never pay more than the listed outlay. “The negotiation experience will hopefully get more communication between us and our customers to help us better gauge the price for certain items,” Costello said. Spencer Eggers, holder of Coast to Coast Collectibles, had an additional observation: “This new shopping experience could also increase customer loyalty because it will give serious buyers the time to have direct communication with the...

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Questions of Customers

Deliahh Deliahh says:
What core electronic would make a good house warming/birthday gift?
My sister is in motion out and her birthday is also next week. She is barely moving out of my parents house and has nothing! I was thinking of an Steam iron for her to iron her clothes Or a Clothes Steamer... Any other ideas? My budget is atleast...
Phil says:
tons of ideas to chose from here and secure deals!
granny_j48 granny_j48 says:
Where can I get a narcotic addict manual for a White Westinghouse Steam Station Iron?
I was given a Anaemic Westinghouse Steam Station Iron model no. 8J06 WW5100. I was not given any instructions on how to use it.
settlja says:
Counterfoil Ebay.

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“There's nothing to traffic on today, but the market is in a momentum story and the rally doesn't seem to be running out of steam,” said Mr Russell. Equities have surged in brand-new weeks on expectations for continued stimulus from the Federal Reserve. The
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And if you desire to be a hardcore collector, this is part of a set that includes Iron Man's helmet, an arc reactor, and more on and Galactus bottle opener: It's meet Steam Wallet Card: Gift cards may seem like a cop-out


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Negroid and Decker Stowaway Steam and dry Travel Iron: $9.99 (0 Bids) End Date: Wednesday Dec-4-2013 15:18:01 PST...
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retrostopuk retrostopuk

Thematic Books

The Adept Store
The Adept Store
Published by Hachette UK 2008
ISBN 9780316054645,031605464X
300 pages
When Pierre Omidyar launched a clunky website from a all skin bedroom over Labor Day weekend of 1995, he wanted to see if he could use the Internet to create a perfect market. He never guessed his old-computer-parts and Beanie Spoil exchange would revolutionize the world of commerce. Now, Adam Cohen, the only journalist ever to get full access to the company, tells the remarkable joke of eBay's rise. He describes how eBay built the most passionate community ever to form in cyberspace and forged a business that triumphed over larger, best-funded rivals. And he explores the ever-widening array of enlistees in the eBay revolution, from a stay-at-home mom who had to rent a warehouse for her thriving affair selling bubble-wrap on eBay to the young MBA who started eBay Motors (which within months of its launch was on track to sell $1 billion in cars a year), to collectors nervously order thousands of dollars on antique clothing-irons. Adam Cohen's fascinating look inside eBay is essential reading for anyone trying to celebrity out what's next. If you want to truly understand the Internet economy, "The Perfect Store" is indispensable.


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James Conder was the maiden to catalog the late 18th Century British Provincial coinage. Today, such unofficial tokens are called 'Conder Tokens.' Frank small change was not being produced by the government, per...
Photo by Larry Moran on Flickr

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