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Janome Sewing Machine Tote Bag in Red with Janome Logo

Janome Sewing Machine Tote Bag in Red with Janome Logo

Price: $29.99
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  • Inside dimensions: 15 1/2" wide x 7 3/4" deep x 12" tall.
  • Whether you're just going to sewing class or you're traveling across the country, you deserve a bag that fits your style.
  • Pocket dimension: 14" wide x 2" deep x 8" tall on the outside.
Product description
Janome Sewing Machine Tote Bag in Red with Janome Logo These stylish new sewing machine travel bags come in a variety of colors and patterns to match anyone's personal taste. But don't let their pretty exteriors fool you! These bags have all the sturdy features a traveling sewist needs: strong handles, accessory pockets, and tons of space. Whether you're just going to sewing class or you're traveling across the country, you deserve a bag that fits your style. This tote is made for standard size sewing machines. Inside dimensions: 15 1/2" wide x 7 3/4" deep x 12" tall. Pocket dimension: 14" wide x 2" deep x 8" tall on the outside.

Small Handheld Sewing Machine Cordless Clothes Quick Stitch Home Travel Use

Small Handheld Sewing Machine Cordless Clothes Quick Stitch Home Travel Use

Price: $15.40
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  • Can be seam thickness 1.8MM, too big, too hard, thick seam certainly not
  • It's funny to make your own handkerchief, apron, gloves, cloth with this practical machine
  • Requires four AA batteries (not included). Great for silks, denim, wool, leather and crafts. You can use it to sew hanging curtains, wall hanging, etc easily
Product description
The hand held sewing machine compact and portable; excellent for on-the-spot repairs and is lightweight and powerful. Repair drapes without taking them down; repair clothing without taking it off; repair bedding without stripping the bed and so much more. This battery operated machine is great for silks, denim, wool, leather and crafts. Requires four AA batteries or a power adaptor (neither is included). This package contains the sewing machine, bobbins, needles, thread spindle, needle threader and complete instructions. Note: Click the power button several times can make the sewing machine to restore the correct position. When the sewing machine is unable to start, turn the rotary wheel and push power button at the same time until it can run. Read the included user instruction before use it.

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As Encounter of New Orleans bicentennial ramps up, troops descend on Chalmette -

Another era has descended on Chalmette . "That's gunpowder for the muskets," Jim Parker called out Wednesday (Jan. 7) as a business from Jacks Powder Keg pulled up. Parker, who described himself as "a retired guy out of Alabama" said he's "just an Indian," meaning that's his role in the re-enactments. The Struggle of New Orleans bicentennial commemorates the day when U. S. forces, led by Andrew Jackson, triumphed over the British on Jan. "You are a part of the largest gathering of 1812-era troops and civilians at any time assembled in the United States since the end of the War of 1812," states the event packet welcoming participants to the Chalmette site over the next several days. "I'm a draper," he said, showing off the construction and buttons that participants can then sew into clothes. "The sewing machine won't be invented for 20 years or so," he said. About 1,500 re-enactors of British and American troops are expected to drop on the new " living history park " in Chalmette this weekend. They are traveling from across the U. S. , and beyond, sleeping in tent encampments at the estate as they prepare and then re-enact the five principal battle of the New Orleans 1815 campaign, complete with 25 real canons firing coal-black powder. The 20-acre park, about a mile away from the federal Chalmette Battlefield where the military campaign actually took employment, is being unveiled during the bicentennial events. Actual battle re-enactments are not allowed in the federal park itself. Timothy Pickles, who commands the British troops as Gen. Edward Pakenham, explained how even before the battles, soul within the encampment must work with military precision to function smoothly. "They follow the drum and bugle calls of the period," said Pickles, the Louisiana Living Retailing Foundation 's founder and president. Pickles formed the foundation in 2005 to create a living history park at 8207 Patricia St. , which Pickles and others desire will become a major venue for historic tourism. Despite the anticipated overnight freeze, the re-enactors Wednesday were troopers, pointing to their concentrated canvas tents and wool clothing. "My living history clothing is warmer than my normal clothing," said Lee Lehman, 69, of Ariton, Ala. , who this weekend is a spy, reporting back to his U. S. comrades on British troop flicker. Lehman and others were seen Wednesday hauling logs for fires, both for warmth and to cook theirs stews, at times placing their pots in the panegyrical embers. He said that in January 1815 the weather was similarly freezing, and even worse, there was rain and sleet. He said he traveled the about 1,400 miles, picking up his girlfriend on the way, because they are career conventional 1812 re-enactors, and "Hell, I'm not going to be around for the 300th anniversary. Bernard historian Bill Hyland explained how, back in 1815, Chalmette was a sugar plantation, not a see. It belonged to Ignace Francois Martin de Lino de Chalmette, who died a month after the January 1815 victory. Jackson ordered Chalmette's stingingly to be torn down because it had been taken over by British sharp shooters, Hyland said. Chalmette himself was safe during the battles, away at his townhouse on Bourbon Alley, which is where the.


Kinsman Embroidery Machine Digitizing to Stitches

Digitizing a logo under the aegis to stitching on Brother Embroidery Machine...

Questions of Customers

thought SO. thought SO. says:
How much would it start to begin a creator label making clothes for a specific age range? Sewing machines, et
Like the basics. Sewing machines, materials, other gear, etc. to make high-end clothes.
Linda S says:
It's perfectly expensive to set up a high end atelier workshop. The initial investment in machines, not just sewing machines but cutting equipment, pressing equipment, etc requires a bank lend. Don't...

Latest news

The Decatur Daily Reputation won't go to Auburn sewing machine's thread
Owens peeled off the jersey, and furnishings manager Dana Marquez went to work on a Viking Emerald Series 116 sewing machine. CBS broadcast Marquez sewing the No. 10 jersey across the mother country, and CBS sports reporter Tracy Wolfson tweeted a 
The Fascinating Fib of the 19th-Century Sewing Machine Patent Wars
The Elias Howe machine, September 10, 1846. Earliest representation filed in Patent Office Not only was the sewing maching patent war the first, it also had all of the trappings of the following patent wars up through today's smartphone war. Beyond, the Elias


audrastarship audrastarship
RT @mattsilinski: The auburn logo on the punters helmet is coming off. Breed back out the sewing machine
mattsilinski mattsilinski
The auburn logo on the punters helmet is coming off. Fetch back out the sewing machine
nickprice91 nickprice91
@SEC_Logo Only in the sec will they do a moonlight flit c leave out a sewing machine

Thematic Books

Before the Featherweight - Sewhandy Book 1 History
Before the Featherweight - Sewhandy Book 1 History
Published by 2008
ISBN 0615248519,9780615248516
232 pages
The work out for this book was the recurring gossip and speculation that the Standard "Sewhandy" machine was the basis of the SINGER 221 Featherweight. After many months of research, I realized that documenting the Sewhandy would decamp more than 500 pages; I have published "before the Featherweight - Sewhandy" in two volumes. This book, Volume 1, details before the design (early 1920's) thru radio show end (late 1938) of the Sewhandy, patents, model identification, Sewhandy ads and brochures, & an OSANN SINGER Sewhandy versus Songster Featherweight sew-off.The companion book, Volume 2, covers maintenance & repair of all Sewhandy models, mechanical and electrical operation, suggestion on buying, restoring, shipping, parts, model identification, & a specification comparison of an OSANN SINGER Sewhandy with a SINGER 221 Featherweight. For more on the Example Sewhandy - GE MODEL A sewing machines, visit . For more on all of my other books, visit .

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