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Industrial Sewing Machine  Kansai 1701 gyve stitch
Industrial Sewing Machine Kansai 1701 gyve stitch

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CUTEX SEWING Presser Foot For Industrial Coverstitch Machines, 3-Needles, 6.4MM With Regulate

CUTEX SEWING Presser Foot For Industrial Coverstitch Machines, 3-Needles, 6.4MM With Regulate

Price: $19.00
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  • Metric gauge size : 6.4mm (Spacing between left side needle to right side needle)
  • High Quality Foot.
  • For compatible machines, Please refer the description below.
Product description
This high quality presser foot will fit most industrial coverstitch machines with 6.4mm gauge size including following models : Artisan : VC-3500, ZJW122 Feiyue : FY007, GK-31016 Jack : JK-8500, JK-8600 series models Juki : MF-860, MF-870, MF-890, MF-7200, MF-7500, MF-7700, MF-7900 series models Kansai Special : V803F, W803F, DWK-1803F, W8103F, WX-8803, RX9803 Pegasus : W500, W600, W664, WS42, WS62, WS64, WT562 Siruba : F007 Sunstar : SC7200, SC7210, SC7300, SC7310, SF7400, SF7500 series models Taiko : TK800F Willcox & Gibbs : W41, W61, W62, W63, W542, W562, WS42, WS62, WS64, WT562 Yamato : DW1259, DW1359, VC2500, VC2700, VF2400, VF2500 Zoje : W562 And many more. It will also fit many other industrial coverstitch machines. ****CUTEX SEWING is NOT currently distributing its high quality feet to other Amazon Sellers. Please make sure they are sold by Cutex Sewing Supplies****

100 Orange UYX128GAS 149X3 TVX3 Industrial Coverstitch Sewing Machine Needles (Extent 12 (metric 80))

Price: $32.15
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  • UYX128GAS Needles are also sold under these style numbers : 1280, 128G, MY1040, MY1044, SY7292, UY128GS, UY128GAS, UYX128GAS
  • *For Matching Machine Models, Please refer the description section below.
  • All the shipments are sent from New York, USA
Product description
These high quality needles will fit most Industrial CoverStitch Machines including : Artisan : ZJW122 Brother : B223-501, B257, B271, B272, B277 Feiyue : GK-31016 Juki : MF-860, MF-870, MF-880, MF-890, MF-7722, MF-7723, MF-7822, MF-7823 Kansai Special : DLR-500, DLR-1500, DLR-1501, DLR-1502, DLR-1503, DLR-1504, DLR-1508P-SB, DLR-1508SF, DVC-200, DVC-202, DVK-1700, DVK-1701, DVK-1702, DVK-1703, DWK-1803F, DWR-1900, DWR-1903H, DWR-1903HK, L500, L5000, R9000, S6800, V803F, V7000, V8000, W803F, W8103F Pegasus: W41, W43, W61, W63, W562, W600, W700, WS42, WS62, WS64, WT562 Rimoldi: 164-00-33, 164-00-34, 164-00-35, 164-00-1LA39, 261-10-2LA-01, 261-10-2LD-01, 264-00-1LA-01, 264-00-1LA-39, 264-00-2LA, 264-00-3LA Siruba: F007 Union Special: 11500, 11700, 31100, 31200, 33500, 33600, 33700, 34700DE, 34700KDE, 34700KE, 35700AL, 35700BS, 35700CL, 35700DS, 35800, 51200BC, 51200BL-7/8, 51200BM, 51300, 51500, 51700BL, 51700BU, 51900BH, 52700, 52800, 52900, 56300, 56500J, 56500R, 56900, 57700AP, 57700KL, 57700L, 57900H, 57900N, FS300 Taiko : TK800 Willcox & Gibbs: 4-480, 21-02, W41, W42, W43, W61, W62, W63, W542, W562, WS42, WS62, WS64, WT562 Yamato: DS100, DS102, DS103, DS105, DV100, DV130, DV131, DV1200, DV1205MB, DV1209MB, DV1250, DV1253, DV1255, DV1258, DV1259, DV1261, DV1262, DV1265, DV1266, DV1267, DV1290, DV1400, DV1403, DV1409, DV1411, DV1600, DV1611, DV1613, DW100, DW1000, DW1259, DW1305MD, DW1309MD, DW1350, DW1353, DW1355, DW1359, DW1366, DW1367, DW1371, DW1375, DW1376, DW1377, DW1390, DW1500, DW1503, DW1509, DW1530, DW1614, DW1640P, DW1644P, DW1700, DW1735, DW1741P, DW1742P, VC Series all classes VF Series all classes And more.

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4 Needle, 6 chain of events, cylinder bed, double chain stitching machine for attaching elastic creating 2 lines of flat lock, suitable for men's brief's. Available G...

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