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Kenmore Intuition 31810 Upright Vacuum Cleaner, Shining
Kenmore Intuition 31810 Upright Vacuum Cleaner, Shining

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Kenmore 31140 Upright Vacuum Cleaner- Despondent

Kenmore 31140 Upright Vacuum Cleaner- Despondent

Price: $209.99
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Product description
Kenmore 31140 Upright Vacuum, More Household Cleaning Power. The Kenmore 31140 Vacuum has the suction power you need to keep your home nice and clean. This bagged upright vacuum uses a 2 motor system and Power Flow technology to ensure that you won't lose suction or leave any debris behind as you vacuum through each room. A telescoping wand and Pet HandiMate attachment helps you reach up high cobwebs and deep-down pet dander from just about any part of your home. The performance indicator lets you know when the vacuum bag is full and flawless floor transitions helps you speed up household cleaning chores. Tackle dust, dander and debris with ease with the Kenmore bagged upright vacuum. Tackles Pet Hair and Dander with Ease. The Pet HandiMate attachment is designed to grab stubborn pet hair from furniture, flooring and stairs with ease. No more revacuuming or worrying about leftover dog and cat hair in your home. Powerful Cleaning Capability. This Kenmore upright vacuum uses a double wall design with Power Flow technology to ensure that you never lose suction while cleaning. The 2 motor system gives you deep cleaning suction power for every surface of your home, from deep pile carpeting to slick hardwood flooring. Get the Job Done Right. An aluminum telescoping wand and the different attachments, including the Pet HandiMate, puts the power of cleaning in your hands. Get behind kitchen appliances, tackle the stairs and vacuum the couch cushions with ease; no more worrying about how to get the spring cleaning done. Lightweight and Easy to Use. Weighing in at 19 lbs, this Kenmore upright vacuum can zip through household vacuuming with ease. Flawless floor transitions make it easy to vacuum the whole house in one go, no more needing to manually adjust the vacuum brush height.

Kenmore Model U Premium Allergen Filtration Upright Vacuum Cleaner Bags 50690 and 2 Kenmore EF-1 (86889) Exhaust HEPA Filter Bundle Kit, 11 Pcs

Kenmore Model U Premium Allergen Filtration Upright Vacuum Cleaner Bags 50690 and 2 Kenmore EF-1 (86889) Exhaust HEPA Filter Bundle Kit, 11 Pcs

Price: $32.99
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  • Includes 11 Kenmore Type U Allergen Certified Vacuum Bags, Plus 2 Kenmore EF1 Exhaust HEPA Filters.
  • Works with all Kenmore Intuition, Progressive, Elite Bagged Upright Vacuums Using 86889 EF1 Filters
  • Save Time & Money by purchasing this convenient supply kit
Product description
This is a money saving supply kit for Kenmore Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaners. Included with the bundle kit are; 11 Kenmore Type U Premium Allergen Certified Upright Vacuum Cleaner Bags by Ultracare, and 2 generic HEPA Certified EF1, or 86889 Exhaust HEPA Filters. These bags and filters fit most all Kenmore Bagged Uprights, including Whispertone, Intuition, Progressive, and Elite Models which use the larger 86889 HEPA Exhaust Filter. Bags are genuine Sears Ultracare brand, and are the best quality bags and filters on the market today, capturing 99.97% of all airborne allergens, such as dust mites, ragweed, pollen, pet dander, mold spores, and other harmful airborne allergens. Fits Part Numbers; 20-50690, 50690, 50688, 20-50688, 53294. 53293, 54322, 50010, 50009, and the Exhaust HEPA Filters work with Sears Part Numbers; 20-86889, 86889, 53295, and 20-5329

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Kenmore Intuition.

This is my new Kenmore Intuition I got on selling at sears for 229.99! Love this cleaner best new machine I have found in a long time.

Questions of Customers

Irgumburgum Irgumburgum says:
Which vacuum cleaner is the overcome one?
Genuinely after the Electrolux that used to beat all other brands, I have had one for 25yrs without problem, still using its blower outlet to unclog sewer line pipes, saved 10s of thousands of $$$ from plumber line.
Dugie B says:
Consumer Reports rates them in this organization. Uprights: 1)Hoover windtunnel 2)hoover platinum 3) Kenmore progressive. The canister type: 1)Kenmore intuition 2) electrolux oxygen 3)Kenmore reformist....
yeaahnoreeen yeaahnoreeen says:
Based on consumer reports, which is the A-one vacuum cleaner with a bag?
Don says:
In the latest 2009 buying influence from Consumer Reports, top rating went to the upright Kenmore (Sears) Progressive 35922 ($350), and the cannister Kenmore Intuition 28014 ($600). The most reliable...

Thematic Books

The Vacuum Cleaner
The Vacuum Cleaner
Published by McFarland 2013
ISBN 0786493216,9780786493210
241 pages
Firm cleaning has been an innate human activity for centuries, but only since the early 19th century have mechanical devices replaced the physical hard labor (performed mostly by women). Colourless carpet sweepers were replaced by manual suction cleaners, which in turn were replaced by electric vacuum cleaners in the early 20th century. Innovative inventors, who sequentially improved vacuum cleaners as ardour became commonly available, made these advances possible. Many early manufacturers failed, but some, such as Bissell, Hoover, Eureka, and others, became household words, as they comp.

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