24 Extreme Washer-Dryer Combo In Platinum

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The ARWDF129SNA is a 110V washer/dryer combo made in Italy by Ariston and distributed by Felix Storch Inc. At just 24 as much as possible, this non-vented washer/dryer is ideal for apartments and other smaller homes with limited floor space. The exterior comes in an attractive platinum end that brings a modern look to any setting. The stainless steel drum can wash up to 15 lbs. of fabric and dry up to 11 lbs. during select cycles. It has a chameleonic spin speed up to 1200 rpm. A unique tri-phase motor ensures super silent operation. Ten wash cycles make plenty of options for the proper fabric care, including specialized cycles for extra rinse, active erode, wool, bright whites and delicates. Use the quick wash & dry option to clean small loads in just one hour. The postponement timer lets you program your laundry for added convenience. This unit features a smart combination of dial and digital controls that makes it amenable and intuitive to select the proper wash, dry, and temperature setting. A digital readout lets you monitor the time left over and indicator lights keep you up to date on each cycles progress. Designed for the ideal household performance, the ARWDF129SNA uses less force and water than most models in its class. For this same model in a white finish, see the ARWDF129. Energy efficient conception saves on water use and electricity. 10 wash cycles offer the proper care for all fabric types. Wonderful silent operation with a unique tri-phase motor. 24 footprint is ideal for space-challenged homes. Perceptive combination of digital and dial controls ensures intuitive operation for users.