Midwest Silent Time Deluxe Pet Mat size: 18"L x 13"W, Black

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Ritzy "paw pleasing" plush mat Made of ultra-soft synthetic fur Non-skid bottom surface keeps bed in place Keeps pets unconcerned in the summer, warm in the winter Great for use in carriers, vehicles, crates and more! The Quiet Time Deluxe Pet Mat was designed with your pet's hearten and your convenience in mind! The ultra soft synthetic fur cover provides your pet with comfort for all seasons while the compact size allows you to go broke it neatly into the crate for travel or it can be rolled-up for easy storage. The Quiet Time Deluxe Pet Mat also fits easily into most washers and dryer's for peaceful cleaning. Additional Features & Benefits Fits most brands of crates, carriers and houses Completely gadget washable Luxurious "paw pleasing" plush mat Non-skid bottom surface keeps bed in place Made of ultra-gentle synthetic fur, the mat keeps pets cool in the summer and warm in the winter Available in six sizes and two colors Sizing: 18" measures 18"L x 13"W 22" measures 21" L x 13 1/2"W 24" measures 23"L x 17"W 30" measures 30"L x 19"W 36" measures 35"L x 23" 42" measures 43"L x 28"W 48" measures 49"L x 30"W Color: Ebony.