iRobot Roomba 650 Series Vacuum Cleaning Mechanical man

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The iRobot Roomba 650 Vacuum Cleaning Automaton vacuums your floors on schedule or at the push of a button. Using a patented, three-stage cleaning system, Roomba vacuums your carpets, tile, laminate and hardwood floors for you. AeroVac Technology maximizes cleaning results, with less trifle remaining tangled on bristles and a more evenly filled bin. Thoroughly vacuums all floor types. Roomba vacuums waste, dust, hair and debris from your carpets, hardwood, tile and laminate floors, automatically adjusting to different floor surfaces as it moves utterly your home. Featuring AeroVac Technology, Roomba 650 easily handles fibers like hair, pet fur, lint and carpet fuzz. Roomba 650 vacuums your floors using: Patented, Three-Acting Cleaning System: A spinning side brush cleans along wall edges as counter-rotating brushes pick up inside information, dust, debris and pet hair from the floor. An efficient vacuum pulls dirt and hair off of Roomba's brushes and into the bin. AeroVac Technology: Optimized airflow pulls fraction off Roomba's brushes and guides it to the back of the AeroVac bin, allowing it to fill more evenly and requiring you to empty it less often. Improved Brush Design: An improved brush design and optimized airflow means more hair is pulled off Roomba's brushes and into the AeroVac bin. Less tresses on the brushes means Roomba can clean for longer and provide a more thorough cleaning. Cleans every section of your floor multiple times. With iAdapt Alive Navigation Technology, iRobot's advanced system of software and sensors, Roomba chooses from dozens of robotic behaviors more than 60 times per backer. This allows Roomba to clean more of your room, more thoroughly, making multiple passes over every section of floor. Roomba effortlessly gets under and 'round furniture and along wall edges, going under bed skirts and curtains, avoiding stairs, following walls and navigating under the aegis loose wires. Roomba 650 also adapts to your home using: Dirt D