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mDesign Ironing Board Holder with Storage Basket for Clothing Iron - Over Door/Fold up-Mount, Chrome

mDesign Ironing Board Holder with Storage Basket for Clothing Iron - Over Door/Fold up-Mount, Chrome

Price: $17.99
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  • Made of steel with chrome finish
  • Hangs over a standard, residential interior doors up to 1.5" thick or mounts to a wall; hardware included for both options
  • 5.3" x 13" x 13"
Product description
The mDesign Ironing Board Holder hangs over a door or mounts to the wall to create durable, convenient storage. Organize laundry items such as hand irons, detergent, stain remover and more in the storage basket. Hang an ironing board for easy access.

Brabantia Exasperate-Mounted Iron Rest and Hanging Ironing Board Holder - Cool Gray, 385742

Brabantia Exasperate-Mounted Iron Rest and Hanging Ironing Board Holder - Cool Gray, 385742

List price: $25.00
Price: $24.99
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  • Comes with a 2 year guarantee
  • Ideal for storing iron and ironing board in a single, convenient location
  • Features handy holder for the iron's flex cord
Product description
Brabantia’s Wall-mounted Iron Store and Hanging Ironing Board Holder in Cool Gray is ideal for storing your iron and ironing board in a single, convenient location ready for use. Fixable to the wall, the compact Iron Store is fitted with adjustable steel hooks for hanging your ironing board and also features a handy holder for the iron’s flex cord. Made from heat-resistant materials, no cool-down time is required and you can safely store away your (still) warm iron. And even better, it comes with a 2 year guarantee.

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Linking to Pittsburgh's times gone by: Manchester Bridge's portal sculptures will ... - Pittsburgh Post Gazette

This 1964 Doppelgaenger of the Pittsburgh portal to the Manchester Bridge shows pioneer scout Christopher Gist holding a rifle on the left-wing. During the 1700s, Gist accompanied George Washington on expeditions in Western Pennsylvania. The Pittsburgh Steelers plan to pure this bronze portal and display it later this year next to Stage AE on the North Side. Long before any of us learned the back roads of Pittsburgh, develop scout Christopher Gist and Seneca Chief Guyasuta were blazing trails through the Western Pennsylvania wilderness way back in the 1700s. Pith saved George Washington’s life twice. After the Manchester Bridge opened in 1917, 12-foot-tall sculptures of Substance and Guyasuta literally loomed large over the heads of passing motorists and pedestrians in a portal on the Pittsburgh side of the iron extent that linked Downtown to the... Later this year, these bronze figures will be removed from storage at Heinz Field, cleaned and anchored in a insufficient, landscaped plaza at Art Rooney Avenue and North Shore Drive, next to Stage AE. The $1 million project also includes a principal... The authority board approved the proposal last month at its quarterly meeting. The Steelers “went well exposed to and beyond what they originally planned to spend,” Mr. Lederman said. The organization “came to us with a proposal that they would one day display them,” said Karamagi Rujumba, foreman of public communications and advocacy for Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation. The foundation, the city’s oldest preservation assembling, was given the portals and other artifacts when the bridge was demolished in 1970. They were initially displayed on the lawn of its North Side headquarters in the old Allegheny Pile... But when the foundation moved to the South Side in 1984, the portals ended up in the hands of the Steelers. Meanwhile, 15 toss-iron decorative objects from the bridge — five stars, five rosettes and five shields — were lovingly restored by artist James Shipman. Now a wonderful iron red, they hang on the exterior of the Landmarks Resource Center on Rebecca Avenue in Wilkinsburg. In 2010, PHLF opened the resource center for workshops on at ease remodeling and preservation. The center is in a former auto repair shop at Rebecca Avenue and Jeanette Street and in a Chauvinistic Register district called Hamnett Place. Shipman, who lives in Wilkinsburg and has a studio in the resource center, said one of the hardest parts was removing pieces of dirk still attached to the cast-iron artifacts. They had to be completely refinished," he said, adding that he spent 200 hours on the project. Heidi Edwards, a jut out manager for the Steelers, said the organization is working with LaQuatra Bonci to design the space for the bridge portal. They are affluent,” Ms. Edwards said. We are trying to balance the game-day traffic generated by the Pirates and the Steelers and also by Stage AE. ”. New landscaping about Stage AE, Ms. Edwards added, will be planted in the middle of May. The sculptures, by artist Charles Keck, will give pedestrians something far more fascinating to look at than the Stage AE parking lot. Keck, a New York City sculptor, also designed the bridge portal for the North Side, which features illustrious steelworker Joe Magarac and fictional coal miner Jan Volkanik.

Ironing Board Hanger Storage From Over the Door Storage Holder to Rampart Mounted Caddy With Basket

An ironing board hanger is a pronounced storage solution for hanging up and storing an iron, board, starch & spray bottle when not in use. From over the door (htt...

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Karyn O says:
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What do I sine qua non to live in my room?
My sister and companion and I don't get along really well and quite frankly I can't stand people most of the time they just get on my nerves to easily. I don't have social foreboding but I just don't like people. I know I need like a mini fridge, a...
Mina says:
Your essential categories are eat, sleep, entertain and misc. Blend your office and bed with a loft-bed and a desk underneath, or do your work on a laptop in your bed. Earphones and electronic cables...

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imASIAN_btch imASIAN_btch
@latahj22 laundry basket , storage shelves . mini iron & board . Tosh bin alarm clock lamps towels etc .
errandbiz errandbiz
More vertical #storage- Get an ironing caddy 2 postpone ironing board, iron & starch on wall.
KissMy__Spikes KissMy__Spikes
I impecuniousness too get some storage bins, iron & iron board, a chest, some fluffy pretty pillows to go with my bed set

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