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Foremost Appliances 49572A Whirlpool Kitchenaid Kenmore LP Propane Gas Dryer Conversion Kit

Foremost Appliances 49572A Whirlpool Kitchenaid Kenmore LP Propane Gas Dryer Conversion Kit

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Product description
EM Genuine Whirlpool Natural to L.P. (Bottled Propane) Gas Conversion Kit 49572A This is a Natural to L.P. (Bottled Propane) Gas Conversion Kit. For use on Gas Dryers Made by Whirlpool; including Kitchenaid, Roper, Kirkland & Kenmore. Parts included in Kit: Instruction Sheet Blocking Pin Office, Burner-Butane No 55 Office, Burner-Propane mo 54 Label, Rating Plate (English & French) Label, Conversion record (English & French) Label, Burner Baseplate (English & French) Installation of this kit converts the dryer for use with LP gas with manifold pressure of 10" wc, and supply pressure between 8" and 13" wc. If this dryer is converted for use with LP gas by means of this kit, the input rating will be 22,000 BTU's per hour, for altitudes up to 8,000 feet. For installations above 10,000 feet, contact a qualified service agency for derating instructions.

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Questions of Customers

magdahloo magdahloo says:
can you metamorphose a gas dryer to electric?
I have a Maytag Neptune gas dryer. Can it be converted to electric?
mark says:
yes it can but, it would have to be infatuated to the dealer, completely taken apart and different parts installed. so in the cost perspective the answer would be no. besides gas dryers are more...
Michelle Michelle says:
Can a gas dryer be converted into an electric dryer?
Im movig into an apartment where they have a washer and dryer hookup, they only have a hookup for an electric dryer. I have a gas dryer that I hankering to turn into an electric dryer is that possible?
Tex says:
Given enough even so and money anything is possible, however in this case the cost will quickly go way past the cost of buying a new dryer.

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Can a Gas Dryer Be Converted to Electric -
Yes, it is conceivable to convert your gas dryer to an electric one. However, as you go through the project youÕll notice that it is costing you more money
can a gas dryer be converted to electric - Ask Community
Yes, it is credible to convert your gas dryer to an electric one. However, as you go through the project you’ll notice that it is costing you more money to convert ...
Can the Maytag Neptune Gas dryer converted to electric? - Fixya
Can the Maytag Neptune Gas dryer converted to electric? I am tiresome to sell the dryer so want to find out if the Neptune series can be used both ways - gas ...
Can a gas dryer be converted to electric? - Yahoo! Answers
Greatest Answer: No, No, No Totally different structure and arrangement of heat source. ... NO, andI can't understand why you would want to change to something ...
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