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Armstrong Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner Refill, 64 oz

Armstrong Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner Refill, 64 oz

Price: $22.07
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  • Citrus Fusion. Ready To Use
  • All hardwood and laminate floors
  • Refill bottle used to refill mops and spray bottles Ready to use formula, no diluting
Product description
Hardwood Floor Cleaner form the Flooring Experts.Leaves no streaks or residue. Fast drying formula protects your floor and speeds the cleaning process Safe for use on all hardwoods and laminates. Refill bottle used to refill mops and spray bottles Ready to use formula, no diluting.

Armstrong 330806 Armstrong At times 'N Done Cleaner Concentrate, 1/2 Gallon(64OZ)

Armstrong 330806 Armstrong At times 'N Done Cleaner Concentrate, 1/2 Gallon(64OZ)

List price: $15.59
Price: $9.65
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  • Product is highly durable and very easy to use
  • This product is manufactured in United States
  • This product adds a great value
Product description
Armstrong, Once 'N Done, 64 OZ Concentrated Floor Cleaner, No Rinse, One Step, No Dulling Film, For All Vinyl & Ceramic & Laminate Floors. This product adds a great value. Product is highly durable and very easy to use. This product is manufactured in United States.

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Armstrong Vinyl Floor Watch over Guide

This vinyl floor carefulness video offers a step-by-step guide to cleaning Armstrong vinyl floors.

Questions of Customers

Dragon Dragon says:
Whats the most talented way to remove a film on a vinyl floor?
My cohort thought she was being helpful and washed my vinyl floor with Armstrong floor cleaner and shine. Now after many floor cleaners including zap and others the floor has an eternal dulling film to it. Any ideas?
shanny1969 says:
You might hanker after to try Mr.Clean Magic Eraser. Here's a link to the floor mop they make.
love love says:
What is the nicest way to clean a vinyl kitchen floor?
It's the category that is all one sheet of vinyl, no individual squares... There's areas that with hard scrubbing with a rough sponge I can't lift the dirt in the crevices of the substance of the vinyl... Any recommendations for a scrubbing tool as...
B. says:
I would try shrug off scrubbing with a Mr CLEAN Magic Eraser pad or "That's Amazing" Hand Cleaning pad. You also might want to check out This is a website that is dedicated...

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