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Eureka 54312 Ilk U Vacuum Cleaner Belts (2 Pack)

Eureka 54312 Ilk U Vacuum Cleaner Belts (2 Pack)

Price: $5.06
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Product description
Package of (2) Belts

Eureka Craze U Belts 61120

Eureka Craze U Belts 61120

Price: $5.82
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  • Works With: Eureka 8852BVZ Eureka 8853AVZ Eureka 9000 Eureka 9720AT Eureka 9730A Eureka 9731AT Eureka 9740AT Eureka 9741AT Eureka 9834AT Eureka 9855AT Eureka 9875A Eureka 9875AT Eureka Type EXT-U "U" Eureka 4300 Eureka 4325AT Eureka 4372AT Eureka 4331 Eureka 4333A Eureka 4335AT Eureka 4336ATHE Eureka 4351A Eureka 4377ATV Eureka 4380AT Eureka 4381AT Eureka 4383AT Eureka 4386AT Eureka 4387AT Eureka 4388AT Eureka 4388BT Eureka 4390A Eureka 4393A Eureka 4440A Eureka 4455AT Eureka 4484A
  • Package of (2) Eureka Style EXT-U belts.
  • Works With: Eureka 4459AS Eureka 4460AT Eureka 4462AT Eureka 4463AV Eureka 4464AT Eureka 4465AT Eureka 4467AV Eureka 4468A Eureka 4468A-1 Eureka 4469AT Eureka 4470AT Eureka 4471AT Eureka 4472AT Eureka 4472BT Eureka 4472BT-1 Eureka 4475AT Eureka 4476T Eureka 4480AT Eureka 4481AT Eureka 4485AT Eureka 4488AT Eureka 4489AT Eureka 4495 Eureka 4495A-1 Eureka 4496AV Eureka 4499A Eureka 4499B Eureka 4400 Description:Genuine Eureka, 2 Belts In Pack, Type EXT-U "U" belts
Product description
Works With: Eureka Smart Vac Eureka Contour GE Athena Eureka 4100 Eureka 4640AV Eureka 4641AVC Eureka 4654AT Eureka 4660AT Eureka 4670AT Eureka 4670AT-1 Eureka 4672ATV Eureka 4674AT Eureka 4675AT Eureka 4680AT Eureka 4682AT-1 Eureka 4684AT-1 Eureka 4684B Eureka 4685AT Eureka 4686ATV Eureka 4687AT Eureka 4688ATV Eureka 4689ATV Eureka 4696AV Eureka 4700A Eureka 4701AZ Eureka 4702A Eureka 4703A Eureka 4704A Eureka 4709AZ Eureka 4711AZ Eureka 4712AZ Eureka 4716AVZ Eureka 4750A Eureka 4760AZ Eureka 4700 Eureka 5180 Eureka 5180AT Eureka 5181AT Eureka 5184AT Eureka 5185AT Eureka 5188AT Eureka 5190AT Eureka 5191AT Eureka 5192AT Eureka 5194ATS Eureka 5195AT Eureka 5196AT Eureka 5197AT Eureka 5197B Eureka 5190 Eureka 5700 Eureka 5740A Eureka 5740A-1 Eureka 5740A-2 Eureka 5800 Eureka 5810A Eureka 5811A Eureka 5812A Eureka 5813AV Eureka 5815AV Eureka 5840A Eureka 5841A Eureka 5841BS Eureka 5841BV Eureka 5842AV Eureka 5842AV Eureka Eureka 5843AV Eureka 5843AZ Eureka 5844AV Eureka 5844AZ Eureka 5845A Eureka 5846AH Eureka 5847AV Eureka 5847AV-1 Eureka 5847AVX Eureka 5847AZ Eureka 5847AZ-1 Eureka 5847BV Eureka 5847BV-1 Eureka 5848AV Eureka 5848AV-1 Eureka 5848AV-2 Eureka 5848AVZ Eureka 5849A Eureka 5849AE Eureka 5849AN Eureka 5849E Eureka 5850AZ Eureka 5850AZ-1 Eureka 5851AV Eureka 5852AV Eureka 5853A Eureka 5855AN Eureka 5855AV Eureka 5855AZ Eureka 5855BZ Eureka 5856AV Eureka 5856BV Eureka 5857AZ Eureka 5859ASZ Eureka 5860AVH Eureka 5863AVS Eureka 5892AVZ Eureka 5892AVZ Eureka 5892AZ Eureka 5892BVZ Eureka 5893AVZ Eureka 7600 Eureka 7605AT Eureka 7606A Eureka 7609AT Eureka 7612AT Eureka 7618AT Eureka 7620AT Eureka 7620BT Eureka 7622AT Eureka 7626ATH Eureka 7640AT Eureka 7642AT Eureka 7671AT Eureka 7673AT Eureka 7677AT Eureka 7685ATV Eureka 7686ATH Eureka 7745AT Eureka 7770AT Eureka 7773ATS Eurerka 7820AT Eureka 7821AT Eureka 7975AT Eureka 7977AT Eureka 7900 Eureka 8800 Eureka 8802AVZ Eureka 8803AVZ Eureka 8806AVZ Eureka 8807AVZ Eureka 8851AVZ Eureka 8852AVZ Eureka 8852BVZ Eureka

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Replacing Vacuum Belt On A Eureka U Genre Vacuum

This is a video showing how to transform the Vacuum Belt On A Eureka U Type Vacuum. Here is a link on Amazon for these belts:

Questions of Customers

DarkAngel DarkAngel says:
How do you hard cash Eureka pet pal vacuum belt?
Does anyone be sure how to change the belt on a Eureka Pet Pal Vacuum model 3271AVZ? I have the belt but I lost the manual for it. I have been to multiple websites including Eurekas and the manual seems to have been wiped off the mug of the earth. I...
recentcoin2000 says:
Try looking on YouTube to see if someone has posted a video on it.
Mother Giza Mother Giza says:
How do I fix my vacuum? The spinning packing review underneath won't spin and there is no suction?
It is an older, guide Eureka vacuum, nothing special. Recently it stopped sucking up dirt and debris on the carpet, so I turned the vacuum over to see what the problem was. The spinning groom thing was not spinning, however, the vacuum still...
Jim W says:
Delete the brush bar and replace the drive belt and also remove all of the debris in the bearings of the brush bar and oil them with 3 in 1 oil. While this machine is open remove the obstructions...


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Eureka 61120G-12 2 Upon Type U Vacuum Cleaner Belt

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