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Certified Appliance 90-2028 4-wire Dryer Twine (10ft)

Certified Appliance 90-2028 4-wire Dryer Twine (10ft)

Price: $16.10
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  • 30a
  • 30A/250V
  • Not UL listed
Product description
Certified Appliance 90-2028 4-wire dryer cord, 30 amps (10Ft)

Coleman Strand 09154 4-Feet 30-Amp 4-Wire Dryer Power Cord

Coleman Strand 09154 4-Feet 30-Amp 4-Wire Dryer Power Cord

List price: $11.04
Price: $10.79
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  • UL Listed replacement dryer power supply cord with flanged spade terminals for quick connections
  • 30-amp wire
  • 4-prong plug
Product description
Coleman Cable 09154 10/4-Gauge SRDT 30-Amp Dryer Power Supply Cord, 4-Feet, 4-Wire, 125/250V. Right-angle plug allows installation closer to the wall. 4-prong plug. 30-Amp. 4-feet long wire with strain relief bracket to ensure safe installation. Meets electrical requirements. 10 Gauge If you have immediate questions about application, installation, troubleshooting, or a damaged component, please call CCI Consumer product hotline at 1-800-561-4321 or email questions to: The Coleman Cable (R) brand is a registered trademark of Coleman Cable Inc.

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Vortex & Kenmore Dryer Repair - How to Install a 4-Prong Power Cord

See my NEWER version of this video WITHOUT MUSIC here: *** If this video helped you Save Profit, and you wish to d...

Questions of Customers

marcelleaandbryan marcelleaandbryan says:
does anyone positive how to wire a general electric dryer with the 4 wire system?
I have a encyclopedic electric dryer with a 4 wire power cord and I am trying to make sure that it is wired correctly.I do have the manual but,its not clear to me.any help please thanks.
thewrangler_sw says:
If you can post, or email a photo, of the module block on the back of the dryer, we can tell you if its wired correctly. General rule of thumb, though, is the terminal block will have the black...
ptcruisher2001 ptcruisher2001 says:
can I vindicated an electric dryer into a plug that an electric stove was in?
I got an electric dryer. I have a obstruct that was where the electric stove was. is there an amp or ohm difference? will there be a danger?
thewrangler_sw says:
There is an amp transformation... dryers are typically 30 amp (check the plate on the back of yours to verify), while electric stoves are usually 40 amp. The plug is different too. A dryer stopple will...

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