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W3038 | Miele 24 Fa Load Washer - White

W3038 | Miele 24 Fa Load Washer - White

Price: $1,999.00
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Product description
24" Front-Load Washer with 2.02 cu. ft. Capacity, 11 MasterCare Programs, 7 Standard Programs, 6 Water Temperatures, 1,300 RPM Spin Speed and Honeycomb Wash Drum

Ayutthaya against 1 pc Easy Washable Lint Dust Hair Remover Cloth Sticky Roller Brush Cleaner Folding ( Color indefinite )

Ayutthaya against 1 pc Easy Washable Lint Dust Hair Remover Cloth Sticky Roller Brush Cleaner Folding ( Color indefinite )

Price: $9.99
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  • 4.Color: Transmitted at random
  • 3.Total length: 18.5 cm , Folding Length: 10cm
  • 2.Material: TPR + plastic
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Miele Washer Dryer

Just an overview of the washer dryer, it belongs to my boyfriend who was sleeping at the occasionally of filming.

Questions of Customers

annina_888 annina_888 says:
What do you about of washer/dryer combinations? Do they really work?
onemelbgirl says:
I don't invent your question is specific enough. Washer/dryer combinations and a single unit washer/dryer are different. It was my intention to buy the LG washer/dryer combo for my outdoor pool...
Rocky Rocky says:
Unsurpassed washer dryer combo to buy in India?
Hi.. I am planning to buy a 5.5/6.5 Kgs Washer/Dryer combo (Fa load). I am not a savvy in these products. We are a family of 4, and we dont use this for all our cloths. This is just to wash/dry daily usables and night wears. Which is the...
reborn09 says:
kinsfolk of four? simple do not touch washer /dryer combos with a barge pole they are by nature flimsy (softer suspension to allow for "less damage" to dryer motor and parts" higher pass water usage as...

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