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Speedi-Products EX-HLFW 06 6-Inch Diameter Louvered Receptive Flush Hood, White No Tailpipe

Speedi-Products EX-HLFW 06 6-Inch Diameter Louvered Receptive Flush Hood, White No Tailpipe

Price: $7.24
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  • Seal joints with approved duct mastic sealants & tapes
  • Speedi-Exhaust Products are made in the USA
  • Consult your local building codes for approved installation practices
Product description
Speedi-Products 6-Inch White Louvered Plastic Flush Exhaust Hoods without Tail Pipe. Low Profile easy to Install for Exhaust and Dryer Venting. Can be used for Remodeling, Do it yourself and New Residential projects.

2-Bundle of DEFLECTO HS4W/18 Supurr-vent Replacement Vent Hood - White

2-Bundle of DEFLECTO HS4W/18 Supurr-vent Replacement Vent Hood - White

Price: $13.95
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  • Helps prevent wind and rain from entering the vent
  • Curved louvers for quieter operation
  • 2-Pack for better economy.
Product description
2-PACK - The louvered hood is constructed to help prevent wind and rain from entering the vent. The louvered vent opens with ease for maximum airflow. The louvered vent hood snaps on quick and easy for installation.

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A Retro-inaugurate of a Dryer Wall Vent (DryerWallVent)

The Dryer Protection Vent keeps energy saving and rodent protection front and center with an innovatively designed aluminum flapper. In most cases, a retro fit ins...

Questions of Customers

Evelyn D Evelyn D says:
Should I use a barrier cap with flaps for range hood exhaust on vinyl siding?
I am tiring to run a duct for my new microwave/range hood. I have vinyl siding on the house. I was looking for a wall cap but all I can find is ones with flaps/dampers/louvers. Can I use them for my hood vent? Will there be enough air spurt in the...
billy brite says:
Go to a vinyl siding way out store. They have exhaust hoods for over the range microwaves that will match your siding shape. If not, see if they have the rectangle that is used for house numbers....
THEMrsMinLa&Momof2 THEMrsMinLa&Momof2 says:
How day in and day out should the dryer vent hose be changed?
I've had the dryer for about a year, but it seems to be "clogged" up and always leaving the crumb fuzzies on my clothes. Is it supposed to be changed like every few months? year?
Thor says:
Most oft people lean on or push on the dryer pushing it against the wall crushing the vent closed. I tell people to put a block of wood behind the dryer to debar it being pushed tight to the...

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While much of the lint is trapped by the dryer's exclude, lint also is carried through the venting system together with moist air. The moist air causes some of the lint to adhere to components of the vent methodology, such as the vent walls and louvers. The
How to Fix 11 of the Most Well-known Household Appliance Problems
Depart out the filter and scrub it in hot water with a little laundry detergent and a stiff kitchen brush. Also check the face dryer vent for any lint that may have built up there. The louver door-style vent covers are notorious for lint buildup

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Cut Your Utility Bills in Half
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August 11, 2013 5:00 am • By Steve Cloninger Singular to the Post-Dispatch I recently had to make a decision regarding my air conditioning unit, which was out of Freon. This is an area in which I don’t have much experience, so I knew I had to on ...
How to Fix 11 of the Most Prevalent Household Appliance Problems
Before you difference out light bulbs and switches ... be covered by a nearly invisible film caused by dryer sheets. This film reduces airflow and forces the thermostat to cease off the heat before your clothes are dry. Test your filter by pouring water ...

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