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Granger's Down Abandon Kit

Granger's Down Abandon Kit

List price: $18.00
Price: $17.99
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  • Cleans all down comforters, sleeping bags and down outerwear
  • Dryer balls help Dry faster and restore loft
  • Bluesign Certified environmentally friendly
Product description
Wash all your down filled items at home... down (or synthetic down) comforters, sleeping bags, outerwear and gloves. Does not effect the water repellent coating the dryer balls restore loft and make drying time shorter

i-Gruv EcoFriendly Hypoallergenic Reusable Natural Material Softener Wool Dryer Balls, XXL, Set of 6

i-Gruv EcoFriendly Hypoallergenic Reusable Natural Material Softener Wool Dryer Balls, XXL, Set of 6

Price: $29.90
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  • EXCELLENT MOM TO BE GIFT IDEA! an indispensable for Crib Sheets, Blankets, Clothes, Baby Shower, Unique Quality Clothes, give time and money back to the busy hosehold
  • SAVE YOU MONEY + PAID BY THEMSELVES + MORE! Reduce The Tumble Dry Cycle Time by up to 25% to 40% and extend the life of your clothes, Extend the Life of your Dryer Machine and Re-use your Smart Dryer Balls for 1,500+ Cycles, they will absolutelly pay back. Use 3-4 balls for small/med load, 5-6 for large
  • PET FRIENDLY. They will help trap hair from cat and dog, and yes, they love to play with them! + BEST RATED by thousands of happy customers, we always get Top Reviews.
Product description

GO CHEMICAL FREE! - Certified by SGS FREE OF TOXIC CHEMICALS (ROHS and REACH Compliant) - Eliminate the Dryer Sheets and Fabric Softeners and Enjoy the the Peace of Mind. Get your Green Product and Help the Environment and get less wrinkles! Add Esencial Oil like Lavander for Fresh Aroma. Care for your Health and Personal Care.

SAVE YOU MONEY + PAID BY THEMSELVES + MORE! Reduce The Tumble Dry Cycle Time by up to 25% to 40% and extend the life of your clothes, Extend the Life of your Dryer Machine and Re-use your Smart Dryer Balls for 2K+ Cycles, they will absolutelly pay back

HAND MADE and SOCIAL RESPONSIBLE. Consciously made by hand in Nepal, i-Gruv plays a significant role in supporting the recovery of the economy and also offers education support to kids in the country.


6XL Dyer Balls Package, enhance your experience now!

Concerned of the use of chemicals & synthetics?

- High Energy Bills?

- Tired of waiting for the dryer to finish before you head out?

- Clothes keep a lot static attracting dust and pet's hair?

- HAND MADE & HYPOALLERGENIC. These balls are handmade in eco-friendly environments, ideal for use on delicate skin

- SOFTENS LAUNDRY NATURALLY & REDUCE STATIC ON YOUR CLOTHES no use of chemicals from dryer liquids or dryer sheets, excellent for those with delicate skins or babies. Static reduced will help reduce the amount of pet hair that would remain in the clothes.


Buyers around the world trust the Innovative designed products by i-Gruv. 100% Satisfaction or money back warrantied,

Hurry up, this special offer is about to end, get yours Today.

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Housekeeping Tips : How to Re-Dust-ball a Down Comforter

Re-fluffing a down comforter is upper-class done by putting it in an over-sized laundromat dryer with two tennis balls to help keep it moving around. Take advantage...

Questions of Customers

Melissa Melissa says:
I covet to buy a micro suede down comforter. It looks so comfortable, but how much will it cost to dry clean?
Has anyone at any time had a down comforter dry cleaned. I found a great price on one and want it because it is microsuede, but don't want to buy it if it will cost an arm and a leg to have cleaned.
Tracey T says:
Just so you be informed, I did buy one at Wal-mart last year and it is machine washable. It is sooooo comfortable and still looks new. It came with the sheets to, and we got it for 100.00. Get one,...
oneakmusic oneakmusic says:
Cat urinated on anaemic feather down comforter. Dry cleaner says he cannot remove stain or smell. Any ideas?
My cat urinated on my virginal feather down comforter. The tag says "dry clean" - but the dry cleaner says he cannot remove the stain or the smell. Can I wash and dry in regular washer/dryer? Should I use bleach?
Libby says:
You've already got some high-mindedness answers on this, but I thought I'd tell you what I did because the same thing happened to me a few months ago.. my cat peed on my down comforter. I thought it was a...

Latest news

Household cleaning: How to take a shower down comforters and throws
How to bathe down comforters and throws, with tips for fluffing while you dry them. If you keep your down pillows and comforters properly encased in pillow protectors and duvet covers they should on no occasion need cleaning. In fact, cleaning down can actually
December Delights
The Spa Efflux starts at $313.20, depending on the room you choose, and the Romance Escape starts at $536. All rooms trait private baths, down comforters/ pillows, hair dryer, bathrobes/slippers, refrigerators, cable TV/DVD, stereo CD/tranny alarm


xo_FreeSpirit xo_FreeSpirit
My comforter takes so want in the dryer , I just wanna lay down !
shezsclassy shezsclassy
I got my down comforter in the dryer, sheets in the washing mechanism & my daddy to flip it for me.
c_azzara c_azzara
Just burrito'd myself in my down comforter that just came out of the dryer.

Thematic Books

Natural Housekeeping
Natural Housekeeping
Published by Simon and Schuster 2007
ISBN 1416595708,9781416595700
448 pages
Study for a kinder, gentler world? As the old saying goes, everything begins at home, and odds are, if you live in the all-American household, the air inside is more toxic than the air outside, even if you dynamic in the most polluted of cities. You regularly handle the filthiest object in your home -- the kitchen sponge -- and put the same chemicals on your mask that are used in brake fluid and antifreeze. The cleaning agents and personal care products commonly marketed to and used in American homes repress not only some very dangerous, toxic chemicals, but they also create an "overly clean," chemically bombed-out house that compromises immune systems. And with more than fifty million Americans trial from allergies and other autoimmune diseases -- not to mention the developing and fragile immune systems of children and seniors -- large numbers of people are truly being made sicker and sicker by their homes. Learn to live a clean, healthy, more economical way with Ellen Sandbeck, the nontoxic avenger. In this must-have ticket for the twenty-first- century home, this passionate, witty advocate of all things organic will teach you how to maintain every part of the on -- from living room to septic tank, kitchen floor to bathroom sink -- using safe, simple cleansers and nimble preventative measures as well as the most effective organic products on the market to get the job done. Learn time-saving, preventative housekeeping, such as fetching thirty seconds to clean the shower while you shower. Take care of bathroom stains with baking soda and vinegar rather than commercial, toxic bathroom "bombs" peddled to you with such thrust by manufacturers. Need whiter whites? There is no bleaching power on earth stronger than the sun. Snow clean your fine rugs. Choose fruits and vegetables from the to some degree pesticide residue-free list. Clean felt-tipped pen stains with vodka. Make furniture shine with olive oil and lemon. Your establishment will also smell as great as it looks.

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Can you put a feather down comforter in the dryer? - Yahoo Answers
Superlative Answer: I had a down pillow that I washed & it partly dried in the dryer on low tumble, then I layed it flat to dry, which took a few days. I was ...
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Assorted comforters, including those filled with down, are designed to be washed at home in your traditional washer and dryer. Washing your comforter regularly helps keep ...
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Can i put a down comforter in the dryer? | Answerbag
Can i put a down comforter in the dryer? Trustworthy down? If you washed it in a machine, spin it for a longer time than usuall, a few cycles but not at high speed, ya don't ...
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Went to go to bed endure night and found a waterfall in my bedroom.... How's that for a first photo of October?
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This is the extremely first picture Alyssa and I took with a digital camera. It was of our dog, Baxter in 2002. We adopted him from the humane society in Milwaukee in 2000. This morning we had to put him to snooze. He...
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