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Greenway Indoor Lad-safety Laundry Lift Drying 3-bar : Wall-ceiling-mounted Clothes Dryer Racks

Greenway Indoor Lad-safety Laundry Lift Drying 3-bar : Wall-ceiling-mounted Clothes Dryer Racks

Price: $32.29
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  • Wall-mounted cord separator and all installation hardware included
  • Designed with child-safety string
  • 3 stainless-steel rods adjust from a minimum of 3' in length to a maximum of 5'
Product description
This truly versatile, energy-saving clothes dryer allows the rising warm air to pass through. Each individual rod is raised and lowered by a nylon cord for easy hanging. The neat, compact design allows it to be installed in many different areas.

Greenway 3-Rod Laundry Withdraw

Greenway 3-Rod Laundry Withdraw

Price: $29.48
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  • Elevated 3-rod clothes line for air-drying laundry more efficiently indoors
  • Constructed from stainless steel rods that adjust from 3 to 5 feet
  • Includes child-safety string, clothing pegs, and hang tabs
Product description
This truly versatile, energy saving clothes dryer allows the rising warm air to pass through, drying the clothes in your unutilized ceiling space. Each individual stainless steel rod is raised and lowered by a nylon cord, for easy hanging seperately as needed. The neat, compact design allows it to be installed in many different areas.

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Topless Skip Cleaning

Bound cleaning didn't end at our house either. We worked all week and then the next week, we would go to my grandma's house in town and help with her spring cleaning. Mostly she would put us kids to profession out in her yard though and that was fun. She had one of those back yards that was very small but filled with all kinds of wonderful things. Flowers and fruit trees and a vegetable garden and mini stone paths with a variety of ceramic animals and tiny little houses hidden here and there. I periodically de-clutter my sporting house and get rid of things I don't want or need. For some reason there is always something else to get rid of though. I can't figure this out since I am not one to shop and buy things , but there is always something I can send to the skimping store. The last couple of years I have sent most stuff down to the SPCA thrift store. All the loot they make goes to feed and shelter the animals, cats, dogs, etc since we have a no-kill shelter here. I started with my bedroom today since I have to start somewhere and that apartment is where I sleep, so I might as well begin there. It's funny how I always find something that was missing under my dresser when I pull it out away from the wall. I had a pair of slacks I have been looking for and there they were, under the dresser. I don't hold slacks in the dresser, I hang them. So they didn't fall out of an overflowing dresser drawer. And it's not like I threw them aside in the arousal of passion while tearing my clothes off or having them torn off by some hot sexy guy who was ravishing me. Unless of course I had a dream. Well, I know this is thoroughly boring , but it is the story of a day in my life, my wonderful life, such as it is. All I have left to do in there is clean the ceiling fan and then I can move on to the next room. I haven't decided which lodge that will be. All I know is I am saving the kitchen for last. oh , and the windows. Oh, I forgot to mention that I started out the day cleaning topless. This is the first every so often old-fashioned in decades that I don't have a kid living at home and now I can be wild and free in the privacy of my own home. So this morning I decided I would clean topless. But then I kept evaluation my next door neighbor Mr. Low T might be able to see through the blinds, so I decided to put a tshirt on. I love spring cleaning, I did mine starting on January 2. I had my grandchildren staying over new year and the day... The cleaning just went from there. Every apartment thoroughly cleaned, every cupboard emptied, tided and cleaned and every window washed.

Environmental ceiling clothes dryer airer video

A stunted video showing our ceiling clothes airer with some installation tips. I didn't mention it in the video but consider when buying one that the length of...

Questions of Customers

. . says:
How to dry clothes in an apartment?
There are some clothes you can't put in the dryer. In my ancestry I have a room which is made for hanging clothes and drying them, it has two ceiling fans to help the process. But im moving temporarily to an apartment and it has a laundry room but I...
Mary C says:
Whenever my dryer wasn't working, I would spend time at clothing on plastic or painted hangers on the shower curtain rod. (Be careful with unpainted/uncoated wire hangers as they might rust.) My chattels...
Jake Jake says:
How are working pedigree Americans underprivileged if they have fridges,education, tvs, food, warm water,etc?
computers, ipods, houses, air conditioning? Most Poor Americans would be considered the world's top 20% in terms of wealth. "or decades, the U.S. Census Chiffonier has reported that over 30 million Americans were living in “poverty,” but the...

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Residential Fashion, Drafting, and Detailing
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Ceiling clothes dryer, Ceiling clothes airer, Ceiling clothes ...
Ceiling Clothes Dryer Airer is a sui generis clothes drying system that mounts to the ceiling! It comprises of two consoles that are attached to the ceiling and five, six ...
Clothes Dryer - dryer, ceiling dryer, sheave dryer, rods ...
INNOVATIVE Answer FOR DRYING CLOTHES ... Copytight © 2012 Clothes-Dryer
CEILING CLOTHES DRYER Than the kind new pulley cleaning, laundry is now available. Ceiling, youve got a bank holiday monday. Black airer laundry.
Builder Intelligence: Clothes Dryer Vent Leaks in Ceiling
Brief: Clothes dryer vents can actually create water leaks. If the clothes dryer vent pipe gets cold, the warm, moist air inside condenses and turns to melted water.
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When you come in the apartment door, the laundry room is located directly on the right . Washer, dryer, and sink.
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