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Revlon One Concordant with Dryer & Styler

Revlon One Concordant with Dryer & Styler

List price: $49.99
Price: $37.79
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  • Flexible Tangle Free Bristles
  • Ionic Conditioning
  • 2 Heat Settings
Product description
Introducing The NEW Revlon One Step Dryer and Style. FIRST-OF-ITS-KIND STYLING TOOL. The ONLY Hair Dryer on the market that offers the power of a dryer and the precision of a style. Unit comes with flexible tangle free bristles that gently smoothens and detangles your hair while Ionic Conditioning will leave your hair with less frizz and more shine, 2 Heat Settings, Cool Shot Button to set the style, Lightweight & Easy to Use & Tangle Free Swivel Cord. Revlon LOVE YOUR HAIR!.

Extra Hair Straightening Brush – Instant Silicone Hair Straightener – Faster Results Than A Flat Iron – Great Gift – Marquee Defrizz Whisker Straighter (Silver)

Extra Hair Straightening Brush – Instant Silicone Hair Straightener – Faster Results Than A Flat Iron – Great Gift – Marquee Defrizz Whisker Straighter (Silver)

Price: $25.99
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  • TRAVEL FRIENDLY - Whip Out This Hair Straightening Brush When Your On-The-Go. More Portable Than A Traditional Flat-Iron, Quick Results, & No Need To Look In The Mirror While Styling. Straightens Hair Almost Instantly, Leaving A Healthy Sleek Shine.
  • INSTANTLY STRAIGHTENS - Straighten Your Hair With Ease And Speed, Marquee Hair Straightening Brush Makes Straightening Your Hair Much Easier Than With A Classic Hair Iron Or Blow Dryer. It Gives Quick Professional Results For The Silky Straight Hair In Minutes That You Dreamed Of! Allows You Get Ready Quickly For Going Out In Rush Morning Hours, Instead Of Wrestling With The Blow Dryers Day After Day.
  • 360° ROTATABLE WIRE - It Avoids The Wire Twining, Brushing Action Reduces Risk Of Dry Damaged Hair Unlike Traditional Hair Straighteners. Easily Solve Hair Knotting, Reduce Pain And Hair Broken, Repair The Hair Quality Of Harm.
Product description

This Premium hair straightening brush leaves your hair silky, straight and smooth from the very first stroke. Its Adjustable temperature heats up to 450°F & straightens your hair with ease and speed. Marquee Hair Straightener Brush creating smooth, silky, and sleek straight styles is fast and easy. No need for clips or to divide hair into subsections; the uniquely designed wide 3D ceramic plates allows for large parts of hair to be straightened simultaneously, achieving better results, while saving time.

Temperature Settings:

For thicker and curls hair:

410° - 450°F (230℃)

For common hair:

370° - 410°F (180℃)

For thin and soft hair:

330° - 390°F (180℃)

Temperature can be switched from Celsius to Fahrenheit by simultaneously pressing the + and - buttons on the handle.

As a combination of hair straightener and comb, the digital hair straightener brush will be a perfect replacement of traditional flat iron straightener which helps solve your hairstyle problem, Its perfect for the morning rush! It requires no mirror and detangles painlessly while straightening at the same time!

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Trifle care do’s and don’ts for everyday life

Keeping curls healthy can be a struggle for many people. From washing it every day to styling it with a straightener, blow dryer or curling iron, hair can easily be damaged over constantly. For both women and men, using the right products can make a difference on their hair. Using a dry shampoo every now and then instead of washing it every day, will lush up the excess oil on the scalp, but won’t dehydrate the hair. It is known that washing hair on a daily basis is not a great way to keep it salubrious. Shampooing it every day strips the oils from the scalp and these oils are needed to keep the hair from becoming too dry. Dryness can be a chief problem for those with color treated hair. Janice Lei, sophomore child development major, has short, straight deathly hair and recently dyed it blonde. “After I colored it to blonde, my hair became so damaged and dry,” Lei said. “To fix it, I try to [only] wash my skin of one's teeth two to three times a week, and use more oil based products. Using oil based shampoos and other oil based products can replenish the moisture gone when washing your hair. “Sometimes I will put on a lot of moroccan hair oil at night so my hair can absorb the nutrition, then I wash it when I wake up,” Lei said. Lei says she blow drys her trifle after she washes it, but other than that, she rarely uses heat on her hair. Using heat on your hair can be really taxing. For those with curly hair, the most beneficent way to keep it healthy is to embrace the curls rather than try to straighten them every day. The heat from the straightening iron can really derive a toll on those tresses. Wearing a silk bonnet at night while sleeping can saturate your hair, and sleeping on a silk pillow will remedy keep it from tangling. Wendy Chavez, sophomore civil engineering major, describes her hair as “crinkly” and not most shiny or healthy. She bleached her hair by herself at home and was unaware that she was supposed to protect her hair with coconut oil before she bleached it. Continuously since, Chavez has refrained from using heat on her hair to avoid further damage, and took the... “From that moment on, I started using natural products to fix [my hair's breadth],” Chavez said. Chavez recommends aloe vera oil to help regain strength in damaged skin of one's teeth. “Those aloe vera products really started to help me, and little by little, my hair started recovering,” Chavez said. Men shouldn’t be panic-stricken of trying deep conditioning treatments as well, because it can do wonders for their hair. These treatments make hair softer and shinier. Other ways to husband hair from becoming damaged is to be gentle with it when its wet. Use only a wide-toothed comb on wet hair. Trimming your hair regularly helps repress it from damaging further by cutting off the ends where split ends begin. Once an end has split, it can move further up the hair strand, damaging your locks even further. One last tip: don’t forget about the sun. While it is known that the sun’s UV rays are harmful to skin, it can also be damaging to hair. One thing also that I wanna add is that, by brushing your fraction for like more than a hundred times everyday can also helps excrete oil in your skin. If you’re not careful you can really harm your hair by picking the the matter shampoo or hair treatments. They have natural and organic kind of products that could easily help take care of your skin of one's teeth. One thing also that I.

Source: The Sundial

How to Straighten Mane Without a Straightener

S U B S C R I B E VLOG Direct: T W I T T E R F A C E B O O ...

Questions of Customers

momsie momsie says:
any tricks for measure without a blow dryer?
i am prospering on vacation soon and i don't want to have to mess with a blow dryer, straightener and a bunch of products. my hair is naturally wavy from about half way down but the roots are so punctured! so my hair looks silly if i just leave it. any...
lexieanna says:
Broom your hair with your head upsidedown. That's all i can think of without a blowdryer or products.....
Blah(: Blah(: says:
What is a solicitous product that will protect your hair from the heat of a hair straightener and blow-dryer?
I destitution to protect the ends of my hair from the heat of the blow-dryer and hair straightener and can't seem to find anything in the stores.
lollipop1 says:
a lot of garnier fructise products line. they have a lot of anti-frizz products that you can use after straightening your hair or blow drying it. thats what i use after straightening my hair and it...

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