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Stanley 31626 Grounded 250-volt Laden Duty Appliance Pro Extension Cord, 6-Feet, Gray

Stanley 31626 Grounded 250-volt Laden Duty Appliance Pro Extension Cord, 6-Feet, Gray

Price: $11.92
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  • 250 volts
  • Gauge: AWG 12/3 SPT
  • Right angle plug sits flat against wall
Product description
The Stanley Appliance Pro cord is a heavy duty 6-Foot extension cord will handle most of your appliance needs where the distance to the outlet occurs. The Right angle plug will sit flat against the wall. It has a heavy duty vinyl insulation. Rated: 250V/20A/5000W.

Certified Appliance 90-2028 4-wire Dryer Cord (10ft)

Certified Appliance 90-2028 4-wire Dryer Cord (10ft)

Price: $16.24
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  • Black
  • Closed eyelet
  • 10ft
Product description
Certified Appliance 90-2028 4-wire dryer cord, 30 amps (10Ft)

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Roadshow: The rules on charging tense vehicles in city lots - San Jose Mercury News

Q Is it right for an EV or plug-in hybrid to stay parked in an electric vehicle parking space after they are done charging. There is much written about EV convention that indicates one should move their vehicle when done charging to free up space for others, but I am curious about the law. A According to state law, they can be towed if not being charged. At the start, it's impossible for parking control officers to know whether the charging session ended minutes or hours before they came upon the carrier. Cities are taking a measured approach so as not to deter electric vehicle ownership and usage. San Jose imposes a surcharge after a lowest grace period on those who remain plugged in after their vehicle is fully recharged. Said Laura-the-San-Jose-EV-Person: "We conviction this modest additional charge will provide a reminder, if not an incentive, for folks to move their cars when they are full. " Palo Alto has a three-hour limit for staying in charging spaces, after which a conveyance can be ticketed. The biggest problem there has been people unplugging other people's cars and running the charging cord into an adjacent, non-EV parking while. In this case, the car in the EV space might get a ticket because it isn't charging anymore. Palo Alto police will visit EV owners at their offices if they unplugged someone and stretched the cord into a non-EV leeway. San Francisco Muni limits vehicles to four hours at an EV charger between 8 a. m. and 6 p. m. and requires that vehicles left there be actively charging. My view: Once you have a full charge, move your electric car. That is the courteous thing to do. Q Why does San Jose charge a $1. 25 access fee to command up your car in a city garage. It makes it uneconomical for plug-in Prius drivers, Volt drivers, and maybe others. I was charged $1. 83 to do battle with up my Prius, which will go 11. 4 miles on that charge. The kilowatt-hour charge of 20 cents is high, but the access fee is the true killer. It makes no sense for me to plug in and charge up. It's cheaper to drive home with gas powering my Prius. Palo Alto A Other drivers have voiced this grumble, and the city will review the rate it charges before the end of the year. But don't get your hopes up. The city cannot match residential electricity rates, as its commercial reprove is much higher than the residential rate. Plus, the fee includes the city's cost to maintain and operate the chargers: to provide faith card access to drivers, to license software, a per-charger fee for access to the network, and what it calls a modest maintenance budget to substitute for... The city has a lower rate in the evening to make EV charging accessible to those with no home access. Said Laura-the-San-Jose-EV-Child: "The city's goal is to charge no more than is necessary to cover its costs. Staff intends to review its EV charger program in the next month. If there is a way to subdue the rate and still cover the city's costs, we will do so. " Look for Gary Richards at Facebook.

Wiring a 240v welder to dryer bung

How to wire a new welder without rewiring your for nothing.

Questions of Customers

S S says:
Will 220v window a/c segment work when plugged into 125v/250v outlet?
I am mad for a high powered window a/c unit and am sick of sweating it out. I have scoured my apartment looking for a 220v outlet that will accomodate the 24000 btu constituent I want to get, with no luck...However, there is an outlet for a...
William G says:
It would be plausible, however I would highly NOT recommend running an extension cord for a high-powered AC in which would draw that much current. The risk of electrical fire would be increased by...
Genie Genie says:
My dryer cord does not reach the 220 loophole. I see 10 ft. cords online for 250V. Can I use one?
Can a 250V extension cord with the same configuration (3 prong) be old in a 220V outlet. Or do I have to buy a 220 10 ft cord and have someone replace the current one on my dryer?
dtstellwagen says:
All dryer cords are rated 250v. That is the classification of the nema 10-30 and nema 10-50 casket. It is the maximum voltage the cord/receptacle is rated and tested for. Take a minute to look...

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