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2PCS Stainless-Protect Kitchen Sink Strainer - Large Wide Rim 4.5" Diameter - Perfect for Kitchen Sinks (Large) - Fengbao

2PCS Stainless-Protect Kitchen Sink Strainer - Large Wide Rim 4.5" Diameter - Perfect for Kitchen Sinks (Large) - Fengbao

Price: $10.99
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  • Stainless steel construction for reliable, rust-free service. Suited to daily utilitarian use for long-lasting protection against clogging.
  • Micro-perforation: 2mm dia holes. Efficient anti-clogging shield lets liquid flow seamlessly into the drain while it blocks food particles.
  • 4.5" overall dia. includes 2.75" micro-perforated bowl area contoured by a 2-ply metal sheet flat rim to rest over sink's drain.
Product description
Are you struggling to keep your kitchen sink from clogging? Are you tired of constantly having to replace flimsy, inefficient sink strainers?
Stop the sea of inadequate gadgets flooding your trash, and save big on plumbing expenses now! Fengbao 4.5" dia. Stainless Steel Sink Strainer is the high quality solution to get the job done and exceed your expectations!

Easy, efficient, clean use
"Water IN. Food OUT. Thank you." could easily be the motto for Fengbao 4.5" dia. Stainless Steel Sink Strainer. Indeed, it shields the pipes from ever encountering food particles while dirty dishwater and other liquid flow through seamlessly. This little kitchen essential is easy to install and efficient, it'll make a big impression as it gets the job done.
Fengbao sink strainer fits most size drain area even with a built-in sink protector, the strainer stays firmly put.
As a rule of thumb, empty the collected debris everyday with a simple tap over the garbage bin.
Hand wash or quick rinse with the kitchen hose recommended to keep the mirror finish shine impeccable over time.

Tough Stainless Steel built for long-lasting service
Don't be fooled by the sleek appearance, Fengbao 4.5" dia. strainers are engineered to endure daily, utilitarian kitchen sink activity. The Stainless Steel robust construction allows for a reliable, rust-free service. Save big on avoidable, recurrent plumbing issues by ensuring long-lasting protection against clogging. Thanks to the 2 mm dia. micro perforations the strainer efficiently prevents even the smallest food particles from going through. Debris are caught while liquid goes through unrestricted.
Fengbao sink strainer boasts a 2.75" micro-perforated bowl area designed to sit over the drain while the contouring metal sheet (2-ply) flat rim rests above providing excellent stability.

Hamilton Beach Ardent Fryer with Cool Touch, 2-Liter Oil Capacity (35021)

Hamilton Beach Ardent Fryer with Cool Touch, 2-Liter Oil Capacity (35021)

List price: $49.99
Price: $38.69
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  • Cooks 6 cups of French fries or chicken tenders
  • Safety features include Cool-touch sides won't burn hands if touched accidentally and Breakaway, magnetic power cord
  • Lets you fry with lid closed to reduce splattering
Product description
Hamilton Beach Deep Fryers are generously sized for greater versatility -- some even accommodating a whole chicken. What's more, you can fry crispy, mouth-watering foods without the mess you've come to expect. Food can be lowered into hot oil and lifted out while the lid is closed for splatter-free frying. Hamilton Beach Deep Fryers also feature adjustable heat and convenient timers. Hamilton Beach Consumer Deep Fryers for the home are easy to clean and most models include a dishwasher-safe nonstick pot. The breakaway cord featured on most deep fryers makes storage easy too.

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Commentary: 5 startup lessons I literate for $300000, each - GeekWire

No one starts a body expecting it to fail. But deep down, we all believe we’ll be different. When our Yabbly journey began in early 2012, we felt the same way. The sentiment was to build a social decision making platform — what we’d eventually settle on as “the Quora for shopping research. ” We even floated an ahead of time version of the idea (aka “RoundTable”) on GeekWire a few weeks before taking the plunge. I personally made the tough decision to be from a lucrative VP job and around the same time turned down a particularly attractive offer to lead a product team at Google (much to the chagrin of my the missis). In fact, the photo sharing application had been acquired a few weeks before we incorporated for $1 billion (#omen). Maybe more like a exact weak Burbn. We were a finalist at SxSW Accelerator 2013 , had a partnership with Consumer Reports, and were landing great media coverage with nationwide outlets. We had assembled a killer team from Google, Amazon, and designers who worked on the Target and CNN mobile apps and we shipped new features and improvements to all intents every day. Our iPhone app was a 5-star app and one of the top 3 iTunes search results for the term “product reviews. None of this saved Yabbly from the deadpool. Two and half years later we locked up down Yabbly and sadly, only a handful of our power users noticed. With a few months to reflect after the shutdown, here are five of the sundry lessons we learned through making mistakes building a failed multi-year startup. Press coverage, abuse competitions, early investment and fan email are great. but don’t mistake that for product-market fit. Real product-market fit will appear like a surprising number of customers are happy to use your version one product in spite of all its obvious missing features because you’re solving a big difficulty they care deeply about and you’re approaching it in... It may help to think of product-market fit more as a ratio than an absolute number. Does your minimally applicable product get disproportionate customer traction relative to its rudimentary level of product execution. On the other hand, if you feel like your adoption table is flat despite a well built product or like a saw tooth with every surge because of some one-off event (e. g. press coverage, paid marketing, etc. At Yabbly, we ignored all the signs and constantly convinced ourselves we were “on the cusp” of “breaking as a consequence. ” This next feature, bizdev deal, article, hire, growth hack, was going to help us reach a “tipping brink. ” Once we hit critical mass of users, the chart would go from sluggish growth to magical inflection. We kept reminding ourselves that a piddling but loyal group in the midwest used Pinterest for the first three years and then they suddenly blew up nationally overnight. Ergo, we were on the cusp since a under age but loyal group was using our service after two years. Jason Stoffer at Maveron said after a year of us not killing it: “Tom, a year is a extended time to spend iterating on a product that isn’t seeing traction. ” Andy Sack of Founder’s Co-op said to me about a year and a half into it: “I’ve at no time seen a business that had no business. ” I only now appreciate the prescience of what they were trying to tell me. Rarely will you have a business that screams out to shut it down. Most of us have okay, but not great ideas. Ultimately, we loved our product, we had rabid customers who used.

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Questions of Customers

Tiffany R Tiffany R says:
What is the greatest dishwasher brand for the quality and for the money?
Looking for a new dishwasher, have a kenmore that keeps having enigma after problem. 1st the heating element doesn't work, 2nd some dishes are left with a greasy film on them while others are clean, 3rd now the soap dispenser door doesn't unselfish...
Phillip says:
Sunday question since my wife and I are up against the same issue at this very moment. And myself, being an ex-appliance tech for many years, really knows that the better units fetch way too much such...
helpme1 helpme1 says:
Is a countertop dishwasher merit it?
A countertop dishwasher uses I ponder some 5 gal of water but only does 4 place settings.. I'm wondering if it would be worth the expense.. We live in a small 12x60 mobile home and a full size one will not fit in here. what are some bettor brands...
Littlebigdog says:
Danby 22 in. DDW396 Uninhabited-Standing Dishwasher Unpacking the unit was the hardest part of the installation. It came well protected inside the box with foam and wood crating. In olden days I got it out of that...

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ISBN 0061743348,9780061743344
384 pages
Dishwasher is the actual story of a man on a mission: to clean dirty dishes professionally in every state in America. Part adventure, part parody, and area miraculous journey of self-discovery, it is the unforgettable account of Pete Jordan's transformation from itinerant seeker into "Dishwasher Pete"—unlikely tribe hero, writer, publisher of his own cult zine, and the ultimate professional dish dog—and how he gave it all up for love. Includes an excerpt from Pete Jordan's new enrol In the City of Bikes.

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