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Brentmoor - Anti-Vibration/Anti-Plod Feet for Washers/Dryers - Complete with BONUS Mini-Level

Brentmoor - Anti-Vibration/Anti-Plod Feet for Washers/Dryers - Complete with BONUS Mini-Level

Price: $49.99
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  • Heavy duty, shock absorbing rubber construction
  • BONUS: With each 4-pack purchased, you'll receive a high-quality, magnetic mini-level.
  • Universal size for all models, and top and front-loading washing machines and dryers
Product description
Solve the Problem of the "Walking Washing Machine" Once and For All

Bulky washing machines and dryers have a tendency to move, skid and shake, wreaking all kinds of havoc in your laundry room. But there's a simple, affordable solution. By placing our rubberized anti-vibration, noise reduction feet on the bottom of your machines, you can wash and dry your clothes with confidence, knowing that your machines will stay put.

Patented, Shock-Absorbing Cleat Design on Bottom is One-of-a-Kind

Multiple "cleats" on the bottom of feet prevent skidding, shaking, vibration and movement across the laundry room floor, helping to keep the peace in your home. Our advanced, patent-pending design is a first-of-its-kind in the marketplace.

No Need To Close the Laundry Room Door

Minimal movement means minimal noise. Now, you can sleep, entertain and go about your day without the noisy disruption of a rocking, knocking washer and dryer.

Your Bonus With Purchase: Magnetic Mini-Level

Use your convenient magnetic mini-level after installing the feet to ensure proper alignment of your machines. Keep the level in your toolbox to use throughout the house for all your home improvement needs.

Crucial Appliances 5304485917 for Frigidaire Electrolux Washer Shock Absorber PS3508101 AP5590192

Crucial Appliances 5304485917 for Frigidaire Electrolux Washer Shock Absorber PS3508101 AP5590192

Price: $29.99
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Product description
Included in the package is: 2- Shock Absorbers 1- Shock Mounting Pin (spare) 4- Nut Instructions Replaces numbers 131268200, 134560400, 134999000, 5304467357, 134999010, 134560410, PS3508101 and AP5590192 Designed to fit specific Electrolux and Frigidaire Front Loading manufactured Washing machines. Product Details Brand Jason Manufacturer Jason Product Type Shock Absorber Mpn 5304485917

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Rethinking : Mold in LG Front Load Washing Machine

Obnoxious mold as a result of a HUGE design flaw in our expensive LG Front Load washing machine. Big, giant, mega thumbs down. Do all front-loaders do this ...

Questions of Customers

Shelby B Shelby B says:
Is it okay to have a front loading washing machine in a movable home?
I real in an older mobile home and have found a good deal on a front loading washer and dryer but my mom thinks that because we live in a mobile home that the floors won't be unchanging enough to support it. Right now we have a top loading washing...
Steve B says:
I exist in a new sub division and most of the people have there washers on the first floor or second floor. There has been a mixed review when asked how these front loaders are doing. There are...
Colloseum Colloseum says:
GE Adora Front Cross Washer Reviews?
I am planning to buy GE front loading Adora Washing Machine. The dummy number is WHDVH6600HBB. This is a fairly new model and I am getting a good rate for this. Please provide any feedback on this series or this mock-up. I am getting this from...
The4ofus says:
i have sold appliances for along epoch and i have more problems wth ge frontload machines coming back than others i have had most luck out of whirlpool duet.

Latest news

Twelve Amici Fasten Mayer Brown in Seeking Supreme Court Review of Front ...
Glazer (pdf). The petitions question decisions that bless broad class actions on behalf of largely uninjured purchasers of front-loading washing machines whose offshoot-defect claims depend on the particular model purchased, the purchaser's use and
Defense bar wants US SC to weigh cases over front-loading washers sold by ...
WASHINGTON (Constitutional Newsline) — DRI: The Voice of the Defense Bar has filed an amicus brief with the U.S. Supreme Court, asking it to consider two cases involving front-loading washing machines. drilogo. Petitioners in Sears Roebuck and Co. v. Larry

Thematic Books

Making Kind Choices about Conservation
Making Kind Choices about Conservation
Published by The Rosen Publishing Group 2013
ISBN 1435853148,9781435853140
64 pages
Provides gen on conservation and recycling as a way to sustain the world's resources.

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