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The Laundry Alternative Nina Slow Spin Dryer, Ventless Portable Electric Dryer. 3 Year Warranty, 127V, 60 Hz

The Laundry Alternative Nina Slow Spin Dryer, Ventless Portable Electric Dryer. 3 Year Warranty, 127V, 60 Hz

List price: $135.00
Price: $125.99
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  • • 110V apartment spin dryer, handles 12 lbs of clothes
  • • Save time and money doing your laundry
  • • Extremely economical way to dry your clothes - no vent or special outlet required
Product description
"Tired Of Lugging Your Laundry To The Dirty Laundromat? Sick Of Waiting So Long For Your Clothes To Dry? With Your Portable Electric Clothes Dryer, Enjoy Dry Clothes In Just 2-5 Minutes And For 200X Cheaper!"

*Fastest, Cheapest, Most Eco-Friendly Way To Dry Clothes. Aren't You Ready To Make The Switch?*

Ready to dry your clothes right from your apartment, RV, hotel room, or boat? Done with the laundromat scene? Want to save 200X the energy costs of a regular dryer? With our high quality 110v portable spin dryer, you'll have your clothes 90% dry in just 2-5 minutes! Just hang them up after as you normally would and they'll be 100% dry by morning. Plus, it's MUCH gentler on your clothes than conventional methods. This truly is the best portable dryer you can find online. You're going to wish you would have made the switch years ago.

*You Need To Try Our Ventless Portable Dryer For Yourself...You Won't Be Disappointed!*

Dry your clothes without leaving the comfort of your home, office, or RV. This is going to make your life a whole lot easier. If you've tried other products (even other portable dryers) but weren't NEED to give ours a try!

Portable dryers are absolutely not all the same. Ours is the only compact dryer that dries in 2-5 minutes, uses no heat, leaves zero lint, and that requires no hard install. Remember, it has a full 3 year warranty for a reason!

Simply Click "Add to Cart" to Experience all of the Benefits of having the Quietest, Safest, and Most Economical Dryer for Yourself!

From the manufacturer:
Stock of our spin dryers is sometimes in short supply. This is due to a recent media story we were featured in. If you see the green "In Stock" above, place your order to claim yours before they're sold out.

Moving Portable Clothes Dryer - Laundry Drying Rack with High Powered 1200W Heater and sanitizing UV Light - Compact with 22Lb Size - Tidalpool

Moving Portable Clothes Dryer - Laundry Drying Rack with High Powered 1200W Heater and sanitizing UV Light - Compact with 22Lb Size - Tidalpool

Price: $159.99
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  • SUPERIOR HANG DRYING SOLUTION - Built to last with a unique overheat protection safety feature added to prevent burning or melting. More efficient and quiet than tumble dryers, which wrinkle your clothes and wear them down.
  • TRUSTED DEPENDABILITY & RELIABILITY - Proudly backed by our 18 month full warranty so you can buy with confidence. You also get a BONUS TRAVEL BAG to take your dryer with you anywhere you go! From T-shirts to kid's clothes, from lingerie to ordinary loads, our dryer will help your clothes last longer and look better!
  • TRULY OBLITERATES BACTERIA - A germicidal UV-C lamp activates at the end of your cycle because harmful bacteria like E. coli or Norovirus can survive inside your washer or dryer, contaminating your clothes and getting you sick. Safe on clothes and great alternative to public laundromats crawling with disgusting germs and fecal matter.
Product description
Normal dryers wrinkle, stretch, wear down, and fade the color of your clothes over time.
Our revolutionary solution is to use gentle yet powerful warm air drying to help preserve the appearance and lifespan of your clothes! No more tumble dryers wrinkling your clothes. No more worrying about insects or rain while outdoor hang drying.

Did you know harmful bacteria like E. coli or Norovirus can survive inside your washer and dryer, contaminating your clothes? That's why we've added a germicidal UV-C lamp in each dryer to kill over 99% of most airborne bacteria, viruses, and mold spores!
• A study from the University of Arizona found about 1/10th a gram of poop in the average pair of underwear, and over 25% of home washers were contaminated with fecal bacteria.
• Fecal matter can carry germs like Hepatitis A or E. coli, which can cause ailments like abdominal discomfort, bloody stools, or severe diarrhea.
• Stomach flu is caused by contagious Noroviruses and the Rotavirus, which can be found in contaminated laundry machines. Rotaviruses are a leading cause of severe diarrheal disease & dehydration in infants worldwide, according to the World Health Organization.
• A 2003 article by the CDC said that nearly every child will have an episode of Rotavirus Gastroenteritis by age 5, and 1 in 5 will visit a clinic, while 1 in 60 will get hospitalized.

Germicidal UV is proven and much more effective at killing germs than anion (negative ionizer) technology, which can't achieve anion concentrations needed to effectively kill germs.

Our product is the most dependable, effective, and powerful portable dryer available. Backed by a 30 day money back guarantee because we're not happy until you're happy. So don't settle for low quality dryers that break down, are too big and take too long to dry your clothes, and don't even dry them evenly!

Add to cart to start wearing GENUINELY CLEAN & SOFT CLOTHES TODAY!

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Questions of Customers

Miriam H Miriam H says:
Do ventless dryers truly not let out moisture/humidty into the room?
We have to refund our old stackable vented washer/drier becasue we have moved it to a new spot where it isn't vented properly (it makes moistrure drip down the walls of the feel put down area it is in). Will a ventless (condensation) drier really solve...
jgood_50 says:
Let me see....Clothes wet...put in dryer...dryer heats and dries clothes. Where does the moisture go? Dialect mayhap out the vent and into the air. The moisture has to go somewhere. Be it liquid or vapor.
NJ NJ says:
I'm heart-rending to a condo where I can have a ventless dryer. Is it worth getting one?
From what I've skim, ventless washer/dryers usually come as a combo and are very small. Plus, it takes forever to dry the clothes. Am I better off getting a large, good supremacy washing machine and then hang my clothes to dry on a clothes rack...
the truth says:
If you get a ventless dryer you'll want to empty the catch-all, every time after you use it. They work fine, I have one. If you want the clothes to dry faster Make sure the spin cycle gets most...

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