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Janico Inc Promote Dustpan, Black, Aluminum Handle, 40 Inch Overall Length (1)

Janico Inc Promote Dustpan, Black, Aluminum Handle, 40 Inch Overall Length (1)

List price: $21.77
Price: $20.22
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  • Perfect for use at home, office, restaurants, hotels, lobbies, malls, inside, outside and more
  • Dustpan swing hopper with easy lock and release for convenient storage
  • 40 Inch overall length black lobby dustpan
Product description
  • 40-inch overall length black lobby dustpan
  • Upright position lobby dustpan, Light aluminum handle on dustpan for maximum strength
  • 12-inch injection molded plastic swing hopper that locks into dustpan handle in upright position
  • Dustpan swing hopper with easy lock and release for convenient storage
  • Perfect for use at home, office, restaurants, hotels, lobbies, malls, inside, outside and more

Janico Inc Quality
As you know Janico Inc is known for providing quality lobby dustpans, large dustpans, flat dustpans, and much more. We take the principal of quality into works, meaning we put quality over quantity. If you have worked at a restaurant, mall, hotel or lobby you will understand that owning a good quality dustpan is a key to complete the job. Our black lobby dustpan features upright dustpan position once it is locked into 12-inch injection molded plastic swing hopper. Swing hopper features easy lock and release, meaning no more fighting with the lightweight aluminum handle on the dustpan to stay in upright position or bending down to pick up the handle. The best part of our black lobby dustpan is that your nightmares of not finding the broom are over thanks to the broom clip. With the broom clip in mind think about how easy and convenient it will be to store both of these items together in one place. As you can see on the pictures, our lobby dustpan features 12-inch swing hopper which means this dustpan is capable of picking up paper, bottles, cans, plastic, wrappers, and much more. In my opinion you should quit using your old lobby dustpan or flat dustpan and begin a better life with Janico Inc lobby dustpan. After reading our product description you are aware of the benefits of our lobby dustpan.
Our lobby dustpans are perfect for use at home, office, restaurants, hotels, lobbies, malls, inside, outside and more. We will leave the decision up to you.

uxcell Persuasible Office Hotel Broom Swob Mop Adhesive Wall Hook Clip Holder

uxcell Persuasible Office Hotel Broom Swob Mop Adhesive Wall Hook Clip Holder

Price: $4.99
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  • Size: 7 x 5 x 1.8cm/ 2.8" x 2" x 0.7"(L*W*T)
  • Package Content: 1 x Broom Hook
  • Material: Plastic
Product description
This mop holder is made of plastic material which is tough and durable.
The design with Adhesive can avoid drill holes which will destroy wall surface.
The Adhesive is suitable for glasses tiles and ceramic wall and other smooth surfaces.
This item can hang mops, brooms, save space and make your room tidy and clean.

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Borges: Legend of Buster Douglas a real knockout - Boston Herald

11, 1990 document photo, James Douglas, left, follows with a left, dropping Mike Tyson to the canvas in the 10th round of scheduled 12-spheroid heavyweight champion bout at the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo. Nicknamed "Buster" by his grandmother because of his youthful spunk, Douglas came into the argue shaken by the death of his beloved, doting mother, Lula Pearl, who had died while he was training for the fight. (AP Photo/Tsugufumi Matsumoto, Troop) There were only six of us that week in Tokyo, six American sportswriters set to watch Mike Tyson annihilate a guy named Buster Douglas. Most every day newspapers covered Tyson like a soap opera. But Buster Douglas didn’t give a damn what happened on Feb. 11, 1990, innards everted the Tokyo Dome, and that’s why he knocked out someone the world thought impregnable. Douglas’ mother, Lula Pearl, had died 23 days earlier, begging him not to altercate Tyson. His father, Billy “Dynamite’’ Douglas, an able fighter once and his son’s estranged trainer, no longer spoke to him. His woman had packed the car and left, upset that he was risking his life while she too was ill. As Buster Douglas told an inquisitor a few days before the fight, “I don’t give a tinker's damn about Mike Tyson. Tomorrow marks the 25th anniversary of that fight and if you didn’t live through the Tyson Phenomenon it is finicky now to understand how monumental an upset it was, but for those who remember they will never forget the sight of his mouthpiece... For more than a week, Tyson not quite had acknowledged Douglas. When not training, Tyson sat in a massive suite watching Kung Fu videos and telling a small party of sportswriters that the character Jodi Foster played in “The Accused,’’ who was a victim of gang rape, “Didn’t aspect herself, man. She didn’t respect herself. Tyson was right about that but wrong about Douglas, who was housed in a hotel room the size of a broom closet, steaming at every inadequate and hurting in the way a man can feel only when he’s lost everything. All he had left was a bombastic manager named John Johnson, who believed in him unqualifiedly, and a sly trainer named John Russell, who found him weeping with a towel over his head several days before the fight, overcome with thoughts of his care for. Around the same time, Tyson was knocked flat in sparring by former champion Greg Page. Tyson’s the one who should have been weeping, because it was an foretoken. The fighters entered from far behind the ring, so far that Douglas was seen on the Jumbotron long before he was visible to the crowd. The fans applauded politely as Douglas raised his communistic arm, his head tilted to the side, in acknowledgment. When he did, I turned to long-time Associated Press boxing writer Ed Schuyler and said, “That’s as correct as he’s going to feel for a month. ’’ An hour later, Douglas was heavyweight champion and the left side of Tyson’s look looked like someone had stuffed three rolls of nickels under his skin. While Douglas dominated the arena was quiet, the punches echoing as if in an empty gym. Despite Douglas’ dominance, only one judge, American Larry Rozadilla, had him ahead, 88-82. The other two were courteous Japanese hosts, embarrassed by what they saw. That led Ken Morita to have Tyson leading, 87-86, while Masakazu Uchida had it a draw, 86-86. Morita and Uchida were the only two on the planet to come to either conclusion. Tyson rallied minutes at the end of the eighth round, knocking Douglas down with an uppercut but not hurting.

Barnham Broom Golf Hotel, Norfolk - Array

Reserve your break at Barnham Broom with Go to: Surrounded by 250 picturesque acres of Norf...

Questions of Customers

Joan Joan says:
What should we give sil for compound present?
She gave us a wii for our coalescence. She brought her entire family and oldest daughters bf. we also paid for two nights of there hotel stay and bridal party attire roughly 500 bucks. I conscious we had money when we got married but now im out of work...
riversconfluence says:
Give what you can bear the expense now. You have awhile after the wedding to give a gift. You can always get something later. I would give a gift card or cash, and a really nice card. $100 would match the...
Noriko Noriko says:
I'm wealthy to throw away most of my belongings for suit case life. What should I remain at minimum?
Though I don't distress to escape from something, I want to live only with a suit case in my house for ultimate simple life. I want to throw away all of my current in electronics and so on. Total weight cannot exceed 20kg. I do not sleep outside or in...
thisbrit says:
Pledge all your stuff please to a charity shop, or a shleter Pen and paper. String (you can alwys use a piece of string for this or that.) toiletries to control smelling ok Soaps of several kinds...

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12th Man hits the route: Seahawks fans follow team to away games
some dissident venues with a manageable drive. But for Seattle fans, every road game is a project. Although each away city is rare, Olsen said a typical road trip by a Seahawks fan can cost nearly $1,000 for airfare, game ticket, hotel, meals
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Fixtures: The drip season continues tonight with the AiGroup dinner at Malamay Restaurant, in the swank Burbury Hotel. It'll be a dilate for many after yesterday's seafood extravaganza New broom: TONY Abbott has launched the biggest competition


Ryan_Broom Ryan_Broom
I upon everyone knows im a celebrity takes place in the grounds of a hotel
AmirSsong AmirSsong
@Sharon_Chua96 a hotel broom? I can get you one. Hahahaha. :p
Broom_Kevin Broom_Kevin
@wizkidforever4 @GaltHouse Yep. Cross one's heart and hope to die, if you're going to Louisville and need a hotel, I can't recommend the Galt House. Pathetic.

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Hotel Housekeeping Training Guide
Hotel Housekeeping Training Guide
Published by Tata McGraw-Hill Education 2001
ISBN 0074515144,9780074515143
224 pages

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canada britishcolumbia presentation awards recognition fairmont citizens medals fairmonthotel recipients 2013 diamondjubilee christyclark britishcolumbians premierclark premierchristyclark queensdiamondjubileemedal premierarchive queensdiamondjubileemedals
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