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Ping Eye 2 coal-black dot club set LH.  Best selling irons ever.
Ping Eye 2 coal-black dot club set LH. Best selling irons ever.

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Best Ever Japan Mould Iron Fish Ash Tray w Blue Ceramic Buttons
Best Ever Japan Mould Iron Fish Ash Tray w Blue Ceramic Buttons

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OGX Punctured Iron Spray, Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy, 6oz

OGX Punctured Iron Spray, Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy, 6oz

List price: $7.99
Price: $6.41
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  • Sulfate & sodium free
  • Seals and protects your hair from thermal heat styling
  • Smoothes the cuticle to hold straight, strong tresses with a brilliant glow and luminescent shine
Product description
It's an amazing keratin therapy originating from the Amazon rainforest.

Wonderful Professional Flat Iron Hair Straightener, (220V WHITE) Pro Silver Titanium Plates 1.5" for Keratin Treatments and salon loyalty Best Iron Ever Made

Wonderful Professional Flat Iron Hair Straightener, (220V WHITE) Pro Silver Titanium Plates 1.5" for Keratin Treatments and salon loyalty Best Iron Ever Made

Price: $225.00
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  • Heats up in 6 seconds from 0 to 450 in no time. The Inverto Pro Tools styling 1.5" iron is our signature high-performance multi-tasker, Newest design which not only offers adjustable temperature control, shorter heating time and heat recovery, but also
  • 220V for use outside of the USA. Once you hold it in your hand you will realize that this iron is a well designed and once you turn it on you will be surprised
  • Leaves hair glossy, supple and gleaming with health as a result of our exclusive Nano Pro Silver Titanium Plates.
Product description
220V for use outside of the USA, we also offer 110V, Heats up in 6 Seconds! This is a state of the art Flat iron, great looking and great quality. There is nothing like it. Continues Work Flow. Consistent and Even Heat Distribution. 1.5" Nano Pro Silver Titanium Plates. Floating Plates for Maximum Styling Power. Emits Negative Ions For Smoother Silkier Hair. Rotary Dial Easy Temperature Control. Slip Ergonomic Design. 360┬░ Non-Tangle Swivel Heavy Duty Cord Limited Lifetime Warranty

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hanes_mens_crew_darktshirt_5250 - zazzle_shirt Iron Patina Best Dad Ever Mens Coal-black Tee
zazzle_shirt by mscontrary

This men's jet-black tee was inspired by my Dad, who is truly the Best Dad Ever! Best Dad Ever words are framed in a four-pointed oval design backed by a rusty iron patina. This masculine form is sure to please your dad too!


waterbottle - pexagon_waterbottle Framed Iron Patina "Best Dad Ever" Monogrammed Stainless Protect Water Bottle
pexagon_waterbottle by mscontrary

This blackguardly 18 ounce water bottle design was inspired by my dad, who is truly the "Best Dad Ever." Of course, I know your dad is also the Best Dad Ever, so I wanted to share this design with you, featuring a rusty iron patina framed in a four-meat...


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The GW Top 10: Golfing Tantrums

Golfing Have trawls through the archives to find some of the best tantrums in golf. Frustration comes part and parcel with the game of golf, it's just how y...

Questions of Customers

planenuts11 planenuts11 says:
If you melted all the stiletto and iron ever smelted. How big and how heavy would it be?
If you could move all the steel and iron ever smelted in recorded history and made a ball. How big would it be and how much would it weigh? I woluld like to know the actual satisfy before I die.
Ted T says:
You unmistakably want to live forever. Good luck.
Brittney S Brittney S says:
What is the best curling iron ever?
What is the best curling iron ever?? this is absolutely important i really need a curling iron the instyler just makes my hair wavy b.c my hair is really long .... my whisker is frizzy and long
Kat says:
In league down Chi. I have been using it for over three years now and my hair is super healthy-

Latest news 5 Things: Points ins and outs; Phil's excite; more
This summer, golf fans will get rare look at elite Hamptons clubs. This summer, golf fans will get rare look at elite Hamptons clubs -- including Chauvinistic Golf Links, which will host of the Walker Cup. . Of course, to allow for five more names, five
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What will find is a more transparent understanding of the value of each channel and how best to optimize it will emerge. This will happen as programmatic irons out some of it's remaining kinks, like fall short of of transparency and suspect traffic. Being


mhcummins24 mhcummins24
The points that I hit one of the best 4 irons ever today >>>
directionose directionose
RT @smilingforjoy: Max Irons and Jake Abel aka best bromance ever.
noah_irons noah_irons
@Minnowson in all likelihood the best game ever.

Thematic Books

The Greatest Golf Engage Ever Written
The Greatest Golf Engage Ever Written
Published by AuthorHouse 2004
ISBN 1418450111,9781418450113
Tootology: the ticket is great Out of the box, the critics of course blasted the title as an overreach. 'Definitely one toot over the line, my friends.' But the boo's have turned to cheers for the little duo from Upstate New York. It is untroubled to get caught in the hunt for superlatives, when one experiences something new. Especially for reviewers who wish they were authors themselves. We refuse to use the 'g' word as you know. The first Son of God, the first stalk for the great white whale, etc., make you reach for the 'greatest' moniker. But is it not justified in this case? The first rigorous dissertation on the golf going - the first philosophic golf novel - the first example of the new genre of literary scratch/sampling - the first planting of organic presence of mind in a novel - these my friends are not trivial pursuits. I hesitate to add the first team of stand-up philosophers, for fear some might expect the book to have pop-ups. None here, but this originative work tees off from and aims for stratospheric heights, and not of the silly wall calendar variety. We welcome you to enter and fall under the spell. All, especially you non-golfers, are happily welcomed. Of course the authors quote from my works extensively, which is nice, perhaps it is the best part? Personally, I believe the partial reproduction from my works, exclusively, is worth the price of admission. And folks, that is the way to look at this work, as the gate to a new world, a stream bounded by shores of thought and knowledge as it rushes owing to the barren canyons of our present society. Mr. Holmes, and Mr. Kellogg indirectly, make a compelling case that the world we live in is irrational, not metaphysically but by our choosing; I havehad unwed returning from that. But what do I know, as I am merely a pigment of the printing process? 'I am not into the gist, or the geist, or the zeitgeist, whatever. Is searching for the gist of Desolation Row, by Bob Dylan valuable in any way at all? No, you play life as it lies, aye there's the rub. Our view is holistic and total. We do not squeeze for those with challenged attention spans. When I was young, I used to enjoyed picking the quieten, white, center section from my slice of 'Wonder Bread', separating it from the crust. I'd roll it into a ball and perhaps eat it or throw it at my twin sister Henrieta. Occasionally we destroyed the whole loaf in this manner. My mother discouraged this and she was right, ' a rare and valued comment from the reclusive Mr. Holmes. Have you ever handled intellect white water? Are you up for the journey? Everyone wants to ride the helicopter at least once. Commented by Henry Dribble author of The Devotion of the Press WINNER OF 'THE MARCEL PROUST AWARD' FOR BEST FICTIONAL NOVEL BY A FICTITIOUS AUTHOR

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Uploading this for extensive measure. Might be the best picture ever! Just look at those scary swords...
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