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Vacuum Cleaner Bags -Species Y Set of 3

Vacuum Cleaner Bags -Species Y Set of 3

Price: $9.20
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Product description
Allergen Filtration vacuum bags are designed for high filtration of common household allergens. Type Y Allergen filtration fits Hoover upright vacuums, including the Hoover WindTunnel Commercial Clean-Air Upright Vacuum and other WindTunnel uprights that use Type Y or Type Z bags. Genuine Hoover Allergen Filtration Upright Vacuum Cleaner Bags which fit Hoover Upright models;. U5140-900; U5142-900; U5144-900; U5145-900; U5148-900; U5154-900; U5301-9RM;; U5330-900 U5330-900; U5393-900; U5394-900; U5395-900; U5395-940; U5395-960; U5395-970; U5396-900; U5396-960; U5397-900; U5398-900; U5398-990; U5399-900; U5402-900; U5403-900l; U5409-900 U5415-900; U5416-900; U5420-900; U5423-900; U5432-900; U5433-900; U5434-900; U5435-900; U5436-950; U5437-960; U5438-900; U5439-900; U5443-900; U5444-900; U5445-900;U5446-900; U5447-900; U5449-940; U5450-900; U5451-900; U5452-900; U5453-900; U5454-900; U5456-900; U5457-900; U5460-900 U5461-900; U5462-900; U5463-960; U5464-900; U5465-900; U5465-960; U5465-970; U5465-990; U5468-900;; U5469-900; U5469-910; U5470-900; U5475-900; U5475-960; U5477-900; U5720-900; U5720-960; U5720-990; U5721-900; U5722-900; U5740-900; U5750-900; U5750-980; U5751-900; U5752-900; U5753-960; U5755-900; U5757-900; U5758-900; U5759-900; U5760-900; U5761-900; U5762-900; U5780-900; U6401-9RM; U6423-900; U6425-900; U6425-920; U6429-900; U6429-900; U6430-900; U6430-900; U6431-900; U6432-900; U6432-900; U6433-900; U6433-900; Genuine Hoover Allergen Filtration Upright Vacuum Cleaner Bags which fit Hoover Upright models;
U6434-900; U6435-900; U6435-900; U6436-900; U6436-900; U6437-900; U6437-900; U6439-900; U6441-900; U6441-940; U6445-900; U6445-920; U6446-900; U6446-930; U6449-900; U6450-900; U6451-900; U6451-960; U6453-900; U6454-900; U6455-900; U6455-960; U6458-900; U6459-900; U6459-900; U6460-900; U6470-900; U6470-910; U6471-900; U6473-900; U6474-900; U6607-900; U6616-900; U6617-900; U6618-900; U6626-900; U6632-900;

Eureka Type OX Replacement Vacuum Cleaner Bags (3 pack) (For Models: 61230A,61230C,61230D,61230F)

Eureka Type OX Replacement Vacuum Cleaner Bags (3 pack) (For Models: 61230A,61230C,61230D,61230F)

Price: $7.25
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  • Replacement Bag for use with Eureka Ultra or Boss Smart Vac 4800 Series
  • Package of 3 Bags
Product description
Replacement bag for use with the Eureka 6994 and 6999 Oxygen Canister Vacuums

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How to mutation the vacuum cleaner bag on your Electrolux machine Don't be familiar with how to change the vacuum cleaner bag on your vacuum cleaner? Rob Beer, AKA The Bag...

Questions of Customers

▐▀▀▼▀▀▌ ► Jimmy ◄ ▐▄▄▲▄▄▌ ▐▀▀▼▀▀▌ ► Jimmy ◄ ▐▄▄▲▄▄▌ says:
What is the pre-eminent vacuum cleaner that is small and works good on carpets?
I'm about to buy a vacuum cleaner so I can totally clean up glass that was broken on my floor. Any suggestions on a good one?
JillyBean says:
For beaker on carpet, you should probably use a shop-vac. If you use a regular vacuum, I like hoover (with a bag...not bagless). Do NOT use the vacuum itself to clean up the glass. Use the extension...

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